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Vortec - Vortex Cooling Tubes

Vortex Tubes are a reliable, maintenance-free solution that provides instant spot cooling for a number of industries. With no moving parts and no electrical connection, Vortex Tubes use compressed air to cool temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. (read more)

Vortec - Vortex A/C Enclosure Cooler

Vortec Enclosure Coolers use Vortex Tube technology to produce cold air from compressed air. Enclosure Coolers keep electrical cabinets slightly pressurized (to keep it dust-tight, oil-tight, splash resistant, and corrosion resistant) and most are thermostatically controlled to maintain specific cooling temperatures. (read more)

Vortec - Frost Free Cold Air Gun

Vortec Cold Air Guns use vortex tube technology and filtered compressed air to produce sub-freezing air as low as -30 F for numerous industrial spot cooling applications. With no moving parts to wear out, Cold Air Guns require no electricity, just a compressed air source. (read more)

Vortec - Vortex Air Knives

Vortec Air Knives are an efficient way to deliver a powerful, high velocity, flat sheet of air over wide areas. Perfect for blow off, drying and static elimination applications (with added ion bar), Air Knives use compressed air to produce an increased thrust and velocity while also reducing noise. (read more)

Vortec - Hazardous Location - ProtEX Vortex A/C

ProtEX Vortex A/C Coolers are designed specifically for purged Electrical enclosures in ATEX Zones 1 and 21, UL Class I, Div. 1 (Groups A,B,C and D), Class II, Div. 1 (Groups F and G), Class III and Temperature Class T3 areas. The ProtEX Vortex A/C incorporates the most up-to-date features and provides reliable safety and protection for hazardous location enclosures. (read more)

Vortec - Vortex Air Flow Amplifiers


  • Increase production rates by removing smoke, dust and debris
  • Improve quality through better weigh sorting of under-filled or underweight capsules and parts
  • Reduce compressed air usage vs open nozzles
  • Lower cost as compared to fans or blowers
  • Application mobility, compared to large fans and blowers
  • Improved s...
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Vortec - Electric Vortex A/C


  • Easy to install, takes less than 10 minutes
  • No wiring required to install, comes pre-wired
  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain enclosure temperatures at a user defined temperature
  • Operates effectively at 40 - 150 psi pressure levels, does not require a specific pressure
  • Highly reliable, with full 10 year warranty...
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Vortec - HazLoc Vortex A/C


  • Easy to install, takes about 5 minutes
  • No wiring required to install
  • UL Classified for Class I Div 2, Groups A,B,C and D, Class II Div 2, Groups F&G and Class III
  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain enclosure temperatures within ideal range
  • Highly reliable, with full 10 year warranty
  • No ambient, dirt...
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Vortec - Liquid Spray Nozzles

Vortec Spray Nozzles provide ultra-fine droplet-sized sprays for evaporative cooling, atomization, humidification and wetting. Superior to conventional hydraulic and piezoelectric nozzles, spray nozzles produce spray patterns that can be widely diffused or directed. (read more)

Vortec - Dual Drum Pump - 55 Gallons in 90 Seconds!


  • Fast pick up or discharge, fills or empties a drum in less than 2 minutes
  • Cleans machine sumps including chips and particulates
  • Handles liquids up to 1500 cPs
  • Handles particulates and swarf with ease
  • Single tool switches quickly from discharge to suction
  • Safe, with no shock hazard
  • Low maintenance, w...
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