Circular Optical Apertures

Variable Slit
from Artifex Engineering

The body of slit is assembled with edge blade by precision machining along with the delicate gear mechanism to ensure the parallelism while adjustment. Monolithic aluminum alloy enclosure to ensure the gear mechanism is well protected. Find adjustment mechanism thanks to micrometer head design. *... [See More]

  • Geometry: Circular
  • Aperture Size: 5000
  • Substrate Material: Metal
  • Features: Adjustable / Iris
Sapphire Wafers & Ruby Aperture Jewels
from Swiss Jewel Company

Aperture Wafers are precision controlled orifices where the ID Length is controlled very tightly. Typical Applications: Hematology Instrumentation, Ink Jet Printing, Flow Control. [See More]

  • Geometry: Circular
  • Aperture Size: 40.64 to 1003
  • Substrate Material: Glass
  • Substrate thickness: 0.2311 to 0.6604