0.500" (H) Timing Pulleys (inch) Datasheets

Taper-lock Timing Pulley -- P22H150-1615
from Baldor Electric Company

Taper-lock Timing Pulley [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Belt Width: 1.5
  • Teeth: 22
  • Pulley Width: 1.81
Flex-E-Gripr; PULLEY; TIMING PULLEY -- 50TP10-10
from Berg W.M., Inc.


  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 10
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Bore Diameter: 0.6250
Timing Pulley Bar -- 1/2-H
from Grob, Inc.

Why search continually, trying to find aluminum or steel timing pulleys that are the exact width that you need? Simply order Grob Standard aluminum or steel timing pulleys and cut them yourself. Our aluminum or steel timing pulleys stock allows you the flexibility to make pulleys in exact widths. [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 38
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley Stock
  • Stock Length: 144
Plain Bore Timing Pulley -- H075
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

China pulleys manufacturer ,we Specialise in: European Series V-Belt Pulleys, American Standard Sheaves, Timing Belt Pulleys. Taper pulleys, adjustable pulleys, falt belts pulleys, sheaves, V-Belt Pullys for taper bushes,V-Belt Pullys with solid hub. We have the capability to custom design and... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 14 to 50
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Material: Steel; Cast Iron
from Radwell International


  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Bore Diameter: 0.7500
  • Teeth: 26
Synchro-Link® MPB Timing Belt Pulleys (XL, L, H)
from Bando American, Inc.

BANDO Synchro-Link ® Timing Belt Pulleys are manufactured to exacting tolerances to assure total drive system compatibility. They are available in a complete range of sizes, types, configurations and materials to contribute to the efficiency, economy and performance of your drive. Synchro-Link... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.200" (XL) 0.375" (L) 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 10 to 72
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Belt Width: 0.2500 to 0.3750
Standard Belt Width Pulleys
from F.N. Sheppard & Co.

Custom Pulleys: Other pitch sizes. Made to Order, custom materials (stainless steel, delrin). heat treating, anodized, black oxide, Teflon coating. Please contact customer service for further information. [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.080" (MXL) (optional feature) 0.200" (XL) (optional feature) 0.375" (L) (optional feature) 0.500" (H) (optional feature) 0.875" (XH) (optional feature)
  • Pulley Diameter: 0.6200 to 19.94
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley (optional feature); Timing Pulley Stock (optional feature)
  • Pitch Diameter: 0.6400 to 20.05
Imperial Timing Belt Pulleys -- 120H100SF
from Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.

1/2" pitch timing pulley, QD bushing required, with flanges [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 120
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Belt Width: 1
Keyless Synchronous Pulley - H Type -- MPTL14H Series

Range of bores available, black oxide coating, opt. nickel plating [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H)
  • Teeth: 14
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Belt Width: 1
H Series - Aluminum Timing Pulley -- Double Flange
from Onvio LLC

Timing belts are being used in higher performing applications every day. As these applications evolve beyond the every day power transmission application, designers are looking to optimize the design of the system including the pulleys. At Onvio, we specialize in producing customized pulleys which... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H) Call 603-685-0404 For Details
  • Teeth: 14 to 120
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley; Timing Pulley Stock (optional feature)
  • Material: Aluminum; Customer Specified