X-ray tube and Power Supply X-ray Sources Datasheets

40kV MAGNUM® Cu Anode Reflection Source -- TUB00046-10
from MOXTEK, Inc.

Moxtek ® manufactures low-power, miniature x-ray sources for a variety of. applications including handheld and benchtop instruments. Moxtek sources are. small, lightweight, and can be packaged into custom enclosures. Reflection x-ray. sources offer higher output with a smaller spot size compared... [See More]

  • X-ray Source: X-ray tube and Power Supply
  • Tube Current: 0.0 to 0.1000
  • Tube Voltage: 4 to 40
  • Focal Spot Size: 300
Industrial X-Ray Tube
from North Star Imaging, Inc.

North Star Imaging offers nearly every type of industiral x-ray tube avaiable to meet your inspection needs. We offer: Nano-focus X-ray Tubes / Submicron X-ray Tubes. Micro-focus X-ray Tubes. Mini-focus X-ray Tubes. Standard Focus X-ray Tubes. Demountable X-ray Tubes / Open X-ray Tubes. Closed X-ray... [See More]

  • X-ray Source: X-ray tube and Power Supply
Kevex MicroFocus -- X-Ray Power Supply 125kV
from Thermo Scientific - Checkweighing, Metal Detection and X-Ray Systems

Thermo Scientific* MicroFocus X-Ray power supply 125kV is designed to drive and monitor the KM130 series of X-ray tubes with front panel controls and indicators.Front panel controls and indicators allow operator to control full function of X-ray tube, while monitoring the status of system. [See More]

  • X-ray Source: X-ray tube and Power Supply
  • Tube Current: 500
  • Tube Voltage: 125
  • Maximum Power: 250