Zinc Plated Rivets Datasheets

from RS Components, Ltd.

The BRS 02 blind rivet kit includes a BRS 02 rivet tool and a selection of aluminium rivets with steel mandrel and large, flat heads. 211-type multi-grip-range blind rivets (flat head), with aluminium bodies and zinc-plated steel mandrel. Rivet Type = Blind. Rivet Diameter = 4.8mm. Rivet Length =... [See More]

  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.1969
  • Rivet Type: Blind
  • Grip Range / Length: 0.1969 to 0.4134
Ohio Rod Products -- Binder Rivets
from Elgin Fastener Group

Binder Rivets & Mating Screws. Lengths 3/4" through 3", 3/8" minimum thread depth, 8-32 thread size. [See More]

  • Finish: Zinc Plated; Others Available Upon Request
  • Head Type: Universal
  • Rivet Type: Rivet Nut
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.1950 to 0.2050
Blind Rivet -- 218344
from Fastener SuperStore, Inc.

3/32 X .02-.06 (#31) Aluminum / Steel Blind Rivets. An aluminum blind fastener which has a self-contained steel mandrel which permits the formation of an upset on the blind end of the rivet and expansion of the rivet shank during rivet setting to join the component parts of an assembly. The steel... [See More]

  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Head Type: Dome/Button
  • Rivet Type: Blind
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.0938
Multigrip Rivets -- ABM4143CB
from RivetDirect, Inc.

5052 Aluminum Body, Zinc-Plated Steel Mandrel [See More]

  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Head Type: Dome/Button
  • Rivet Type: Multigrip Rivets
  • Body / Shank Diameter: 0.1250