Riveting System / Cell Riveters and Riveting Machines

Captive Insert Setting System -- SBM (Spin-Pull Process)
from Weber Screwdriving Systems, Inc.

Efficient system for blind riveting. For setting captive inserts, WEBER supplies an automatic setting unit suitable for round and hexagon head, steel or aluminum inserts in sizes between M5 and M12. The controller and the feed system are integrated and form a single unit. Unlike older technologies,... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Riveting System / Cell
  • # Heads: 1
  • Riveting Type: Nonimpact (Orbital / Spin)
  • Actuation: Electric
75 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame -- Triple-Hit Rivet Machine
from Superior Rivet Machines

Superior Manufacturing Group offers fully automated riveting system solutions for your unique assembly requirements. We take the riveting process a step further by integrating the machine into an automated assembly station. Whether it is multi-heads, multi-station turntables or completed assembly... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Riveting System / Cell
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Riveting Type: Impact