Analog Front Panel Opacity Sensors and Instruments

Opacity and Dust Emissions Monitor -- Model 4500 MkIII
from AMETEK Land

4500 MkIII is the most accurate and reliable continuous opacity monitor available, combining AMETEK Land ’s ground-breaking innovation and simple design for precise, problem-free operation [See More]

  • Programming: Analog Front Panel; Computer Interface
  • Measurement Output: %Opacity; Optical Density; Dust Density
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Technology Type: Cross stack; Transmissometry (Double Pass Extinction)
from Phoenix Instruments, Inc.

The OPAC100 opacity monitor is a red LED light source system for non-compliant installations. The opacity monitor is available as a single pass or double pass opacity monitor. The low powered solid state light source emits negligible heat and is electronically modulated; eliminating chopping... [See More]

  • Programming: Analog Front Panel
  • Measurement Output: %Opacity
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Technology Type: Transmissometry (Double Pass Extinction (optional feature), Single Pass Extinction)