TCP/IP KVM Switches Datasheets

from Connect-Tek, Inc.

Controls servers remotely over the internet using a browser, KVM required [See More]

  • Features: SerialPort; TCP/IP; Visual Indicator; PS2 Interface
  • Platform: PC; Mac; Sun
  • Number of Computers: 0
2-Way DB25 Female AB Straight Thru Switch Box -- 40D3-A2

Ideal for sharing parallel Printer Scanner, Zip Drive, or serial perpherials. All connectors are DB25 type female. Type: 2-way DB25 AB manual switch. Wired straight-thru in a pin-to-pin configuration. Heavy-duty, easy-to-turn rotary switch. No Power Required. Anti-skid feet. [See More]

  • Features: SerialPort; TCP/IP