Flange Mount Electrical Feedthroughs Datasheets

HAST Feedthrough Nickel Plated Copper Wire, High Current
from Conax Technologies

This style feedthrough features nickel plated copper wire to minimize corrosion of the wires. It also uses PTFE insulation on the wires which stands up to steam and flexing better than Kapton ® insulated wires. The feedthrough is rebuildable. After aging, the wires and sealant may be replaced,... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange; Threaded
Sensor Pass-Through
from JETSEAL, Inc.

JETSEAL ’s patented Sensor Pass-Through greatly reduces set-up time for sealing instrumentation wires or tubes. The uniquely designed Sensor Pass-Through allows up to 130 test instrumentation wires or pressure tubes to be easily sealed with no leakage. It has no sharp edges or threads that can... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Temperature Range: 850
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Instrumentation
  • Number of Conductors: 168
UHV - Current Feedthrough -- FE 40/4
from Leybold USA Inc.

Feedthroughs are used in vacuum applications as connectors for power supply, for gas or liquid transfer, for interchange of measurement signals as well as for mechanical manipulation inside the vacuum chamber. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Voltage: 1000
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Power
  • Current: 8
8 Pin Instrumentation Feedthrough
from Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - The Vacuum Experts

8 Pin Instrumentation Feedthroughs are normally used for transmitting signal voltages and currents. Process control in surface analysis, electron microscopy and electron beam evaporation are typical applications. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Voltage: 500
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Instrumentation
  • Current: 2
Coaxial Cable Connector Hermetic Feedthrus -- 25414
from Douglas Electrical Components

No more bent pins, mismatched connector sets, miswired harnesses, false readings due to contact resistance or special order delays: OptiSeal is delivered prewired, pretested and ready-to-install. Fiber optic feedthroughs and connectors are available from Douglas Electrical Components as a complete... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange; Threaded; Nut
  • Voltage: 500
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Coaxial; Instrumentation (optional feature); Power (optional feature); Radio Frequency (optional feature); Thermocouple (optional feature)
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 177
Auxiliary Power Panel Feedthrough -- 0906 UAC 301
from Lumberg Automation - A Belden Brand

Auxiliary power panel feedthrough, 3-pole Mini (7/8) connectors (male to female). [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Voltage: 600
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Power
  • Current: 8
Terminal Headers / Electrical Penetrations for Energy and Nuclear Safety Applications
from NEC / Schott

Our hermetic cable penetrations in compression glass seal technology represent an approved worldwide standard in the safety of power, control and instrumentation feedthroughs. We deliver the most reliable, service-free containment penetrators -- particularly when highly critical media are involved... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Voltage: 13000
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Instrumentation; Power
  • Current: 1200
CMS Series -- CMS10D20–1PF
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Ceramic insulator put through metallization processing and sealed to kovar [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Flange
  • Current: 180
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Power
  • Temperature Range: ? to 300