LAN / Ethernet Serial Cables

10GX Shielded Cables, Category 6A, CMP -- 10GX53F
from Belden Inc.

Product Description: CAT6A (625MHz), 4 Unbonded Pairs, F/UTP-Foil Shielded, Plenum-CMP, Premise Horizontal Cable, 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, FEP Insulation, Patented EquiSpline ™, Overall Foil Screen with Drain Wire, Ripcord, Flamarrest ® Jacket. Refer to catalog for color and... [See More]

  • Product Category: Cable
  • Cable Type: Cat 6; CCTV / CATV; Twisted Pair
  • Serial Cable Type: RS422
  • Cable Length: 1000
Edge Rate™ Cable Assemblies -- ERDP
from Samtec Inc.

30 AWG EyeSpeed ™ MS twinax ribbon cable. 13, 25 and 49 Pins [See More]

  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Cable Type: Flat Cable
  • Serial Cable Type: Fibre Channel
  • Cable Length: 0.5000 to 3.28
USB 2.0 to RJ45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Network Adapter -- NT-USB20

USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter offers the most convenient and efficient way to connect with a laptop or desktop computer to an Ethernet network. Make the connection as easy by plugging one end of the cable into the RJ45 receptacle of the Ethernet Adapter and the other end into one port of the supporting... [See More]

  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Connector Type: RJ-45
  • Serial Cable Type: USB2.0
Active Industrial Ethernet Configuration Module -- EBR-MODULE RS232
from Weidmuller

Weidm üller Industrial Ethernet components are the perfect link the data communication between Ethernet enabled devices in industrial automation. By supporting various topologies and protocols, they can be used in many industrial applications. As a complete provider of industrial network... [See More]

  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Cable Type: Cat 6
  • Serial Cable Type: RS232
  • Connector Type: RJ-45; RS-232