Application Software Included Photometers

Array Spectrophotometer -- DTS 140 NVIS
from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Instrument Systems developed the DTS 140 NVIS based on the world-wide success of the CAS 140CT array spectrophotometers. The primary use of the DTS 140 NVIS is to test displays and panels according to MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009 standards. By using the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe light can be... [See More]

  • Spectral Range: 380 to 1040
  • Features: Application Software
PM-NFMS™ Series ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System -- PM-NFMS0400
from Radiant Vision Systems

Comprehensive view angle performance characterization for large light sources. PM-NFMS ™ (ProMetric ® Near-Field Measurement System) measures brightness, color, and, optionally, spectrum as a function of view angle for large light sources. It is designed to provide accurate luminance... [See More]

  • Instrument Dimensions: 795mm x 675mm x 660mm
  • Features: Application Software
Process Analyzer -- 412 NIR
from Guided Wave, Inc.

Complete analyzer system, real-time measurements, true multiplexing [See More]

  • Spectral Range: 800 to 1700
  • Light Source: Dual Beam
  • Resolution: 7
  • Instrument Dimensions: 30" x 17.3" x 41.3"
Fluorescence Spectroscopy -- Dual-FL
from HORIBA Scientific

HORIBA Scientific combined the world ’s only CCD based benchtop spectrofluorometer with a UV-VIS spectrophotometer and created the Dual-FL. The Dual-FL features spectral rates as fast as 80,000 nm/s, and a water Raman S/N sensitivity greater than 20,000:1 RMS. Collect incredibly rapid kinetics... [See More]

  • Spectral Range: 230 to 800
  • Instrument Dimensions: 618 x 435 x 336 mm
  • Light Source: 150W Ozone Free Vertically Mounted Xenon Arc Lamp
  • Features: Application Software
Lovibond® PFX195 Auto Colorimeter
from Lovibond® Tintometer®

The Lovibond ® PFX195 colorimeter is available as a series of nine industry-focused instruments, each including as standard the principal colour scales used in that sector. Results are also displayed in terms of spectral data and CIE values. [See More]

  • Spectral Range: 420 to 710
  • Instrument Dimensions: 435mmX195mmX170mm
  • Light Source: 5V. 10W Tungsten
  • Features: Portable; Application Software