Manual Plastic Pumps Datasheets

Drum Hand Pump -- DRM595
from New Pig Corporation

Ideal for use with even the thickest oils and lubricants. Dispenses 1 quart per revolution with a maximum viscosity of 90 wt. Drain tube pushes out of the way when pumping, then springs back to channel drips into drums. Can be calibrated to pump either quarts or liters. Padlockable to prevent... [See More]

  • Power Source: Manual
  • Media: Combustable, Oil
  • Pump Housing Material: Steel
Pump, 20/410, Treatment, White Actuator, Output 13cc -- CPR0320410-GWX-B
from Cosmetic Packaging Resources

Pump, 20/410, Treatment, Matte Gold Collar, White Actuator, Output 13cc. Dip tube Length = 4 inches. INSTOCK. Min Qty: 12 Singles [See More]

  • Power Source: Manual
  • Media: Cosmetics, Liquids
from Dawg, Inc.

This nylon pump is compatible with stronger chemicals such as MEK, acetates, ketones, thinners and lacquers. Pumps 8 ounces of liquids per stroke . Plastic Pump fits 15-through 55-gallon drums with a 2' NPT bung . Recommended viscosity not to exceed that of SAE 30 weight oil . Inner stainless steel... [See More]

  • Power Source: Manual
  • Media: Chemical
Lever Pump -- LP-50
from Great Plains Industries, Inc.

Suitable for use with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers [See More]

  • Power Source: Manual
  • Media: Combustable, Liquids, Oil
  • Discharge Size: 0.500
  • Industry Served: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical
Manual Bilge Pump -- Viking Compact
from Johnson Pump, An SPX Brand

Full-capacity, hand-powered bilge pump perfect for installation in tight spaces. This rugged, yet sleekly designed, single-chamber diaphragm pump provides first-rate performance and is a snap to install. It can be fitted in minutes from one side of the bulkhead with just four screws, self-sealing... [See More]

  • Power Source: Manual
  • Discharge Pressure: 1.5
  • Pump Housing Material: Polypropylene
  • Liquid Flow: 9.100 to 11.900