Spring Tool Balancers Datasheets

"Snap-Back Prevention" Safety Balancer -- EWA-22
from Conductix-Wampfler

Conductix-Wamplfer has applied its spring reel technology to a series of rugged Torque Reels (also referred to as "Retractors") and Balance Reel. These are reels equipped with wire rope (non-electrical cables) to provide spring assistance to the lifting of heavy items such as power tools, looped... [See More]

  • Power: Spring
  • Reach / Travel: 4.92
  • Load Capacity: 33.1 to 48.5
  • Type: Reel
Cable Balancers 1.1 - 3.3 lbs. Capacity
from Advanced Technology Products

The TB series features a heavy-duty, nylon-coated, wire rope and a high-durability spring for a long service life. Both have been tested under a full load to 500,000 cycles. The TB-50 & TB-30 have an aluminum body and use removable torque keys for tension adjustment. The TB-15 & TB-10 are... [See More]

  • Power: Spring
  • Type: Reel
  • Load Capacity: 1.1 to 3.3
Tool Balancer -- TBBD03
from BOSTONtec

Push button tension release, palm hand wheel adjustment [See More]

  • Power: Spring
  • Type: Reel
  • Load Capacity: 1 to 3
  • Features: Retractor
Tool Balancing System -- Helicol-Combi®
from DME Company

Applications: Balancing and supplying portable pneumatic tools. On pre-assembly workstations. On spot-welding and riveting stations. On packaging lines: staplers, hoop binders, nailing heads. Two functions of balancing and supplying the compressed air in one. single integrated vertically suspended... [See More]

  • Power: Spring; Pneumatic
  • Reach / Travel: 5.83
  • Load Capacity: 11
  • Features: Integral Air Hose or Line; Retractor
Air Hose Reel Tool Balancers -- MH-11
from Mountz, Inc.

The air hose tool balancer is designed for small pneumatic tools. Integrating the air hose and support cable together keeps the work area clean. These durable tool balancers provide easy handling for operators that work with tools for long, continuous hours. The tool balancer allows a tool to be... [See More]

  • Power: Spring
  • Reach / Travel: 4.25
  • Load Capacity: 5.5 to 11
  • Type: Reel