Tongs / Grabs Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Adjustable Drum Grab -- DRM209
from New Pig Corporation

Slide this drum grab onto your lift forks, tighten the lock screws, and start lifting 30- or 55-gallon steel drums without ever leaving your seat. All welded steel for durability. No-slip, firm grab design. Safely and easily lift a 55-gallon steel drum weighing up to 1500 lb. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial; Drum
  • Maximum Load: 0.7500
Bale Lifting Tongs
from Columbus McKinnon Corporation Hoists & Rigging Products

Ideal for lifting bales of paper, cotton, and other materials. Wide gripping surface for load stability. Auto-Latch mechanism for. one person operation. Complies with ASME standards. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial; BaleStack
  • Maximum Load: 0.5000 to 1
from E.C. Tool & Supply Co.

Quality New and Rebuilt Tongs [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
10 DPT Drill Pipe Tongs
from Eckel Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The 10 Drill Pipe / Drill Collar Tong easily produces 125,000 ft-lb of torque at 3,000 psi. Weighing approximately 10,000 lb this tong handles drill pipe and drill collars from 4 inches to 10 inches. [See More]

  • Product Type: TongsGrabs
  • Use: General Industrial