Single Sling Lifting and Rigging Attachments Datasheets

Heavy Duty Lifting Slings -- EE2 Series
from DME Company

bull; Red "Safety Alert" threads sewn into plys- red shows when sling should be replaced. Protects employees and employer!. • Meets OSHA requirements. • 3/16" Thick - 2 ply nylon web. • Coated for abrasion resistance. • Use to 200 ºF. • Do not overload! Follow all... [See More]

  • Type: Single
  • Maximum Load: 2480 to 12400
  • Product Type: Sling
  • Construction: Web
Grade 100 Chain Slings
from Murphy Industrial Products Inc.

GRADE 100 CHAIN SLINGS. - SPECIFICATIONS -. The Slings shown here are standard assemblies that can be made from. “Proof Tested ’ Components and Alloy Chain supplied by Murphy Industrial Products. Assemblies must include SLGID chain sling identification tag (not shown) [See More]

  • Type: Single (optional feature); Double (optional feature); Triple (optional feature); Other Types Available
  • Maximum Load: 1.6 to 67.75
  • Product Type: Sling
  • Construction: Chain