Ceramics / Glass Abrasive Rolls and Abrasive Sheets Datasheets

Bear-Tex® Clean & Blend Roll -- 66261058357
from Norton Abrasives

Bear-Tex ® Clean & Blend Roll [See More]

  • Applications & Materials Worked: Dry; Polishing or lapping (Very fine grits or filaments); Cleaning and Surface Conditioning; Portable Grinder or Handheld; Metalworking; Woodworking; Plastics or Composites; Automotive; CeramicsGlass
  • Length: 360.00
  • Product Type: Roll or Tape; Nonwoven
  • Width: 4.00
Gesswein Rouge Cloth -- 820-0050
from Gesswein Co., Inc.

A double polishing cloth for removal of tarnish and for final polishing. The inner cloth is impregnated with rouge and the outer cloth keeps user ’s hands clean and is used for final finish. [See More]

  • Applications & Materials Worked: Polishing or lapping (Very fine grits or filaments); CeramicsGlass; Jewelry
  • Length: 11.00
  • Product Type: Sheet
  • Width: 9.00