Gold Alloy Braze Braze and Brazing Alloys Datasheets

Soldering Alloy -- 80 Au/20 Sn
from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Soft solders are filler metals that melt and flow below 800° F. They are typically available in solid wire or cored with a rosin or acid flux. Soldering alloys are available in tin, lead, silver, copper, antimony and other compositions and can be fabricated into wire, strip, paste, powder or... [See More]

  • Braze Alloy: Gold Alloy Braze
  • Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder; Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces.; Strip, sheet or foil; Solid wire or rod
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys
  • Melting Range: 536
Gesswein Plumb Solders -- 830-2170
from Gesswein Co., Inc.

Manufactured for Gesswein under strict quality guidelines so that composition, temperature and color are consistent and uniform from lot to lot. Contains no cadmium, no indium. [See More]

  • Braze Alloy: Gold Alloy Braze; Cadmium Free
  • Melting Range: 1300
  • Process / Product Form: Strip, sheet or foil
  • Nominal Composition: 18KY Soft
Active Brazing Filler Metal Gold-ABA®
from Morgan Advanced Materials

The Wesgo Metals business of Morgan Technical Ceramics manufactures and supplies high-purity, low vapour pressure brazing alloys in various forms. Precious and non-precious alloys are available in atomized powder, discs, evaporation slugs, extrudable paste, FlexibrazeTM, preforms, ribbon, rings,... [See More]

  • Braze Alloy: Gold Alloy Braze
  • Melting Range: 1837 to 1886
  • Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste. (optional feature); Strip, sheet or foil (optional feature); Solid wire or rod (optional feature)