Hot Water / Steam Inline Heaters

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Direct Steam Injection Slurry Heaters -- 6x10-1
from Pick Heaters Inc.

The Pick "BX Series" of Direct Steam Injection Heaters is designed for use in paper mills where high-volumes of starch can be cooked in-line. The generous flow-through design assures negligible pressure drop in the slurry, and provides thorough cooking at a precisely controlled temperature. [See More]

  • Fuel / Energy Source: Water/Steam
  • Applications: Starch Slurry, Paper Mills
Face and By-Pass Heating Coils -- Duramix™
from Armstrong International

Special dampers, controlled by a pneumatic actuator connected to a temperature sensor, adjust the leaving-air temperature by channeling the appropriate volume of entering air across the heating coils and allowing the remaining air to pass through by-pass channels. As entering air temperature gets... [See More]

  • Fuel / Energy Source: Water/Steam
  • Applications: HVAC air preheat systems
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 400