Round / Oval Abrasive Files Datasheets

Alundum® Scythestone Coarse TD1 -- 61463687715
from Norton Abrasives

Alundum ® Scythestone Coarse TD1 [See More]

  • Shape: Round
  • Width: 1.31
  • Abrasive / Stone: Aluminum Oxide
  • Length / Height: 10
Diamond Needle File Set, Microfinishing Tools
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Diamond Needle Files are made with a hard nickel bond on a hardened steel blank for longer life and wear. This .208 x.047 inch file comes in 3 grits: fine, medium and coarse. This "must have" set consists of 1 each of. Equaling Shaped Diamond Needle File. 3-Square Shaped Diamond Needle File. [See More]

  • Shape: Square; Triangular; Round; HalfRound; Three Square Shaped, Barette, Equalling, Warding, Crochet, Slitting, Crossing
  • Width: 0.0984 to 0.2126
  • Abrasive / Stone: Diamond
  • Length / Height: 5.51
Ultraform Diamond Files
from DME Company

Diamond particles are electro-deposited on steel shank. Used for intermediate finishing. Fast cutting. Precision graded particle size (68-28 micron). Excellent for finishing slot sidewalls and flat or curved surfaces. [See More]

  • Shape: Rectangular (optional feature); Triangular (optional feature); Round (optional feature)
  • Width: 0.0394 to 0.3150
  • Abrasive / Stone: Diamond
  • Length / Height: 1.34 to 3.66