English Air Bearings Datasheets

Circular Flat Linear Air Bearings -- LRAP100
from Specialty Components, Inc.

Flat air bearings of the LRA series are designed for aerostatic, frictionless planar or rotational motion while supporting thrust loads using either a porous carbon surface or an orifice fed surface. Anodized aluminum provides scratch resistance of the housing and, if applicable, also the air film... [See More]

  • Design: English
  • Load Capacity: 24
  • Shape: FlatRound
  • Stiffness: 128333
Air Bearings -- Aero-Casters
from AeroGo, Inc.

Aero-Casters go by many names including air casters, air pads, air skates, air skids, & air bearings. No matter which terms is used, they all share the common premise of floating heavy loads on a film of air. Aero-Casters float heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air which provides a... [See More]

  • Design: English
  • Application: Material Handling
  • Shape: Cylindrical
Air Bushings English
from New Way Air Bearings

New Way ® english air bushings make air bearing technology readily-available to engineers who have pre-existing designs based on round shaft guides. These bushings run on standard english precision steel shafting and are directly interchangeable with most rolling element bushings. These air... [See More]

  • Design: English
  • Nominal Size: 0.2500 to 3
  • Shape: Cylindrical