Cylindrical Heat Pipes Datasheets

Isobar® Heat Pipe
from Acrolab Ltd.

Acrolab's Isobar ® heat pipes have their roots in thermosyphons. Thermosyphons function as a super-thermal conductor only in a vertical or near vertical plane. In a thermosyphon, a small quantity of working fluid is placed in an evacuated tube. Heat is applied to the base of the tube, causing... [See More]

  • Type: Cylindrical
  • Total Length: 2 to 10
  • Operating Temperature: 500 to 2100
  • Diameter: 0.0938 to 0.7500
Heat Pipes
from Rego Electronics Inc.

Heat pipes are thermal super-conductors. The effective thermal conductivity varies with heat pipe length, and can approach 100,000 W/m K for long heat pipes, in comparison with approximately 400 W/m K for copper. At the hot interface of a heat pipe a liquid in contact with a thermally conductive... [See More]

  • Type: Cylindrical
  • Total Length: 3.15 to 23.62
  • Thermal Conductivity: ? to 100000
  • Diameter: 0.1181 to 0.3937
Heat Pipes -- TPDC Series
from DME Company

D-M-E Heat Pipes are heat transfer devices specifically designed for optimal performance in plastic injection molds. Available in a variety of standard lengths and diameters, Heat Pipes are used in cores, core slides, cavities and other areas of a mold or die requiring cooling or controlled... [See More]

  • Type: Cylindrical
  • Diameter: 0.2500 to 0.3750
  • Operating Temperature: 150 to 600
  • Working Fluid: Water