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  • An effective alternative for marginal thermal improvements of semiconductor devices
    …Thermal Parametric Test System and the DUT, the smaller board (2”x 2.25”) for the 44-lead PLCC, 64-lead QFP and the 56-lead SSOP was designed to be inserted into dual 20 - pin ZIF SIP socket on the T.F … on individual test boards and then appropriatelywired for interconnectionto the thermal test system; DIP -type header pins…
  • Factors affecting semiconductor device thermal resistance measurements
    …test and provide very repeatable results. was restricted to the Dual Inline Package ( DIP ) because a suitable .... A matrix-pin-programmable Connection Card (T.F. 41-103) with both 20 - pin and 40-pin Zero Insertion Force ( ZIF ) sockets were used to provide the electrical interface between the device and the thermal parametric test system.
  • Forensic Computing
    …Microsoft ClipArt Gallery 2.0), and this is often known as a Dual In line Package ( DIP ). .... The data bus is 8 bits wide and the address bus is 20 bits wide,but 20 pins on the package are also needed for control signals and for the power supply. .... legs were found to be very unwieldy and difficult to plug into their sockets ,although the Texas … of the chip,we see the more frequent use of Zero Insertion Force ( ZIF ) sockets, which allow…
  • Recent IC Announcements
    APC 1701C ZIF socket . .... has tin- plated, heat-treated beryllium copper contacts; available in 24-, 28-, 40-, or 64-pin DIP . .... 12-bit ADC Four models offer 55-, 70-, and 100-ns max access times with 125- and 90-mA max active, 40- and 30-mA max standby current; 20 - pin DIP.
  • SOIC
    44 pin adapter for mounting Aries Series 547 Universal SOIC ZIF (zero insertion force) Test Socket to .600 [15.24] DIP PCB layout. .... MC145158-2 - SOIC DW-to- 20 - Pin PLCC .
  • Wide common mode input operational amplifier with serially programmable output offset
    Figure 6-4: 20-Lead Side Brazed DIP Bond Diagram [dimensions in mils]. .... The side brazed part is plugged into the board using a 20 - pin ZIF socket that allows easy switching between different chips.
  • PLCC
    This Universal PLCC ZIF (zero insertion force) Test Socket will take seven sizes of PLCC footprints with Aries  insert plate, Part No. XX-537-20. .... Series 652000/653000 - PLCC-to- DIP Adaptor. .... MC145158-2 - SOIC DW-to- 20 - Pin PLCC .
  • Adapters / 16
    20 PIN PLCC TO 16 PIN DIP ADAPTER FOR MOTOROLA MC12009 AND OTHERS. .... Testboy TV 416/432 is made up of a combination of CEE plug, Schuko socket outlet and integrated … is designed for testing analogue ICs with up to 16 pins through a ZIF socket (see ChipMaster…
  • BeePROG Intelligent Universal PROGRAMMER101 from shenzhen Retail Technology Co.,Ltd,, China
    • 20 - pin male type with missinsertion lock. .... Programmer, in ZIF socket . .... • support all devices in DIP with default socket .
  • AN241 Thermal considerations for advanced logic families (Futurebus+, ABT and MULTIBYTE)
    The θJA for a 20 – pin SOL package using the average die size for ABT is 91°C/W @ 0.7W. .... Average Effect of Air Flow on θJA S O SOL PLCC, PQFP DIP MODIFYING θJA FOR POWER .... DIP Textool ZIF Socket with 0.040” .