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  • Sight Windows-Image
    Sight Windows - (190 companies)
    Sight windows are an effective and economical way of viewing tank, pressure vessel and piping systems interiors. They are also referred to as sight glasses. Sight windows are an effective and economical way of viewing tank, pressure vessel, piping...
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    Optical / Window
  • Vacuum Viewports and Access Doors-Image
    Vacuum Viewports and Access Doors - (55 companies)
    Vacuum viewports and access doors are components for viewing, accessing or transferring samples or process devices in a vacuum chamber or system. Viewports and doors are available with glass, quartz, sapphire or other specialty window materials...
  • Acrylic Adhesives and Acrylate Adhesives-Image
    Acrylic Adhesives and Acrylate Adhesives - (193 companies)
    Description. Acrylic adhesives and acrylate adhesives provide excellent environmental resistance and fast-setting times when compared to other resins systems. They are created by polymerizing acrylic or methylacrylic acids through a reaction...
  • Pressure Sensors-Image
    Pressure Sensors - (1134 companies)
    Pressure sensors include all sensors, transducers and elements that produce an electrical signal proportional to pressure or changes in pressure. The device reads the changes in pressure, and then relays this data to recorders, controllers...
  • Pressure Switches-Image
    Pressure Switches - (760 companies)
    Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid or gas. They activate electromechanical or solid-state switches upon reaching a specific pressure level. Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid...
    Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Coatings - (93 companies)
    Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings provide durability at high temperatures and/or flame protection around components. Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames from potentially...
    Pressure Regulators - (1202 companies)
    Pressure regulators are used to maintain a constant outlet pressure or flow. Pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure in a system to a lower pressure or to regulate system pressure at the desired value. Among the types of pressure...
    Pressure Gauges - (1142 companies)
    Pressure gauges are used for a variety of industrial and application-specific pressure monitoring applications. Uses include visual monitoring of air and gas pressure for compressors, vacuum equipment, process lines and specialty tank applications...
    Pressure Transmitters - (634 companies)
    Pressure transmitters translate the low level output of a sensor or transducer to a higher level signal suitable for transmission to a site where it can be further processed. These devices include pressure sensors, transducers, elements...
    Pressure Washers - (335 companies)
    ...fluid (air or water) through a nozzle and at the appropriate region of the workpiece. Some pressure washers have wear resistant nozzles and optional abrasive injectors to provide wet sandblasting capability. The pumping unit is the pressure generator...

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  • Acrylic plastic as structural material for underwater vehicles
    The results of these efiorts was the publication by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1977 of the first design guide for the acrylic pressure resistant viewports (Reference I) Because its design criteria were well .
  • Deep discovery | News | The Engineer
    The viewports of the Trieste were made of pressure - resistant acrylic plastic, which were reported to be effective at depths of 10,000m.
  • Large Acrylic Spherical Windows In Hyperbaric Underwater Photography
    …with the development of large glass or ceramic hemis- pheres research will have to be conducted into the design of impact- resistant shields that would provide the brittle viewports with resistance to impact and dynamic pressure loading typically found in acrylic hemispheres.
  • Flying Bell
    The chamber is fitted out with a number of flat acrylic viewports looking in almost all directions for optimum observation of the surroundings. .... The vehicle's ballast system consists of two pressure resistant Hard Ballast Tanks (HBT) arranged on either side of the bell, plus a number of soft tanks on top.
  • Operation of a 1-Liter-Volume Gaseous Argon Scintillation Counter
    gain gap, along with the three acrylic support rods. .... The rings farthest from the viewport , in direct electrical contact with the hemisphere,. .... was 375 MΩ of resistance between the drift-side grid and the grounded grid. .... detector itself was contained in a 40.6 cm × 40.6 cm stainless steel cylindrical pressure .