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  • Analog Multimeters-Image
    Analog Multimeters - (197 companies)
    Analog multimeters are instruments used to measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency and signal power. Analog multimeters are instruments that are used to measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current...
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  • Analog Voltmeters-Image
    Analog Voltmeters - (142 companies)
    Analog voltmeters are instruments that measure voltage or voltage drop in a circuit. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Analog voltmeters measure voltage or voltage drop in a circuit. They display readings using...
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  • Digital Voltmeters-Image
    Digital Voltmeters - (291 companies)
    ...power. Digital voltmeters with audibility continuity beep when the probes touch. Devices with analog bar graph capabilities display status readings such as battery power, signal level, and continuity. Output and Interface Options. Some digital...
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  • Analog Ammeters-Image
    Analog Ammeters - (124 companies)
    ...meters do not require power to take a measurement. The current flows through the meter and causes the meter to move. Many of the same movement types found in the voltmeters selection guide can be used in ammeters. The advantages of analog ammeters...
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  • Digital Multimeters-Image
    Digital Multimeters - (572 companies)
    ...for whichever value is being measured. Features. Common features for digital multimeters include battery power, analog bar graph, dB readings, auto-ranging, adjustable sampling rate, programmable, data acquisition, data storage and logging, removable...
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    Analog Comparators - (81 companies)
    Analog comparators are amplifiers that compare the magnitude of voltages at two inputs. An analog comparator is an operational amplifier with negative feedback removed, and with no feedback and very high gain, the output voltage goes to one extreme...
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    Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET (MOSFET) - (199 companies)
    While MOSFETs technically have four terminals -- source, gate, drain, and body (or S,G,D, and B) -- the body terminal is typically connected to the source, effectively making them three terminal devices like other field-effect transistors (FET...
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    Analog Panel Meters - (166 companies)
    Analog panel meters measure and display processes and electrical variables with a simple dial display. Analog panel meters are instruments that measure variables such as pressure, flow, temperature, speed, current, and voltage. They display values...
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    Analog dBm Meters - (20 companies)
    Analog dBm meters are instruments that measure signal power. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Signal power, which can be expressed in decibels (dB) when the unit of reference is known, is measured in dBm...
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    Analog Resistance Meters - (81 companies)
    Analog resistance meters are instruments that measure electrical resistance. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Resistance, which is measured in ohms (W), is the opposition to the flow of electric current...
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  • Electronics from the Ground Up: Learn by Hacking, Designing, and Inventing > Troubleshooting and Final Thoughts
    Note that the voltmeter should have a very high input resistance such as 10 MΩ, which is more common with FET analog voltmeters or digital volt-ohmmeters (VOMs) that cost more than $20 (e.g., as of the year 2014).
  • Piezoelectric Properties of Dry Human Skin
    The voltage appearing at the electrodes was measured with a very high input impedance (1015 Q) voltmeter built around a FET -input electrometer operational am- plifier (AD 515 J, Analog Devices, Norwood, MA, USA).
  • A Digital Setup for Determining Magnetic AC Properties
    Then the FET syn- digital voltmeters are useful only for determining the chronous chopper (SC) supplies the analog signal to a average, if the frequency f of the unknown voltage and low-drift integrator generating a dc-output voltage cor- the integrating …
  • Simulation tools to study power electronics
    … diode and the Zener diode, the full-wave bridge rectifiers and the silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR) • transistors, particularly BJTs, FETs , and 3-terminal enhancement n-MOSFETs • analog integral circuits, such as … … devices, including multimeters, wattmeters, voltmeters , and ammeters • special …
  • Room-temperature nanowire terahertz photodetectors
    The fabricated NW-based FETs were electrically characterized at room-temperature driving both the drain-to- source (VSD) and gate-to-source (VG) voltages, by the digital-to- analog converters (DACs) of a … … gate terminals of the FET : the source terminal was … The signal was finally read by a voltmeter (Agilent 34401A).
  • Nanowire-based field effect transistors for terahertz detection and imaging systems
    The room-temperature electrical characterization of the NW-based FETs was performed driving both the source- to-drain (VSD) and gate-to-source (VG) voltages, by the digital-to- analog converters (DACs) of a SR830 amplifier: the source contact was connected to … This signal was finally measured by a voltmeter reader (Agilent 34401A).
  • A System for Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis of Transient Performance and Stall Phenomena of Gas Turbine Engines
    This device holds four FET multiplexer cards, each of it capable of switching 24 channels to a high speed digital voltmeter within the same unit. Analog to digital conversion is performed within the voltmeter and readings are stored in the local voltmeter …
  • Progress report on a fully automatic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) system development
    The HP3852A contains two analog -to-digitalhigh speed voltmeters capable of reading 100,000 readings/second each. These two high speed voltmeters react with a 24 channel high speed FET multiplexer card with thermocouple …
  • Programmable nanoampere constant current sources for iontophoresis
    A digital-to-analogue converter ( Analog Devices DAC 8/H or equivalent) or a simple ladder binary converter … E. Test set-up for selection of economy FET 's. The metering circuit of Fig. 4 can be used as the voltmeter , or, a high impedance (100 …
  • Fundamentals of Data Acquisition
    … a periodic current whose average value overtime is zero A/D converter. analog to digital converter - measures electric potential and provides results in digital words (see also multimeter and voltmeter ) Amplifier. electronic device that … … voltage of a signal Analog output. output signals that … … data Error value. difference between measured value and setpoint in closed-loop control FET switch. field-effect …