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  • Materials Handling Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    Heavy-duty dock lifts can handle loads up to 20,000 lb and are commonly used in conjunction with powered transport equipment such as straddle stackers and fork trucks.
    … large cold stores in which there must inevitably be an appreciable waste of cubic capacity and the cost of maintenance of fork lift trucks, pallets, cold store and dock floors is thought to … … maintenance costs associated with stackers and in-floor conveyors.
    As all milk goes to depots from this dairy no cold rooms (except an emergency one) are required, and the lorries are marshalled in such a manner as to enable the fork lift trucks to load direct on to both their sides … … another method of handling stacks of crates, palticularly applicable in smaller dairies or in more confined spaces, is by a system of in-floor convey- ors, the stacks being delivered from the stacker either into the cold … … on to the despatch dock .
  • CTI Systems SA
    A multifunctional truck dock and a fork -type stacker crane is also available. It has a vertical lifting range from 0.61 to 1.7 m.
  • Airport Show Dubai: CTI exhibits modular cargo handling
    A multifunctional truck dock and a fork -type stacker crane is also available. It has a vertical lifting range from 0.61 to 1.7 m.
  • Logistic-dictionary
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    Lift trucks are not used for the storage and retrieval of items in the Nissan warehouse due to space constraints; docking and external storage areas. … from the platform and by placing a pallet or another container on the forks the operator can … Side stackers .
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    Another container terminals of this terminal operator, there is no transtainer on the loading and unloading equipment instead of the fork - lift and stacker movement and (un) load the containers. The interviewed specialists were three executive directors of loading and unloading operations in international docks .
  • Elevating machines
    … in mechanized loading and unloading of vehicles have made necessary sturdier, more efficient dock boards or bridge … Fig. 1 Examples of industrial lifts . Stackers … support and guide the carriage, to which is attached a platform, pair of forks , or other suitable …