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  • Diffraction Gratings-Image
    Diffraction Gratings - (34 companies)
    Diffraction gratings separate different wavelengths of light using a periodic pattern embedded in the grating. The diffraction pattern can affect the amplitude and/or phase of the incident light as well. Diffraction gratings are often used...
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    Grating - (224 companies)
    ...grating. Bridgewalk, sidewalk, and walkway grates are also available. Roadway gratings for resurfacing and paving projects have excellent bi-directional mechanical properties and good chemical resistance. They are also used for power generation, sewage...
  • Multi-axis Positioning Systems-Image
    Multi-axis Positioning Systems - (142 companies)
    Multi-axis positioning systems make use of linear, rotary and goniometric stages, slides and drives in various combinations to create standard and custom positioning systems. Multi-axis positioning systems make use of linear, rotary and goniometric...
  • Double Sided and Transfer Tapes-Image
    Double Sided and Transfer Tapes - (211 companies)
    Double sided tapes are coated with adhesive on both sides of the backing or carrier. Transfer tapes consist of a thin adhesive film without a carrier or backing. Double sided and trasfer tapes are used in a wide variety of applications in many...
  • Fiber Bragg Gratings-Image
    Fiber Bragg Gratings - (18 companies)
    Fiber Bragg gratings have a periodically altered refractive index to filter certain wavelengths while allowing others to pass. Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) are widely used in telecommunication, sensor, and laser fields. Types. There are many types...
    Six-axis Force and Torque Sensors - (15 companies)
    Six-axis force and torque sensors measure the full six components of force and torque: vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque movements. Six-axis force and torque sensors provide electrical outputs as analog...
    Z-Axis Stages - (50 companies)
    Z-axis stages are lift stages that move up and down on the vertical axis with a high degree of resolution. They are used in all kinds of applications where high-accuracy vertical positioning is required. Z-axis stages, also known as vertical stages...
    Lasers - (698 companies)
    Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent radiation. The word "laser " is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
    Monochromators - (33 companies)
    ...such as a slit or optical fiber. Inside the monochromator, a dispersive element, grating, crystal prism, or mirror diffracts the light into its spectrum. If the monochromator can be rotated, the dispersive element is manual or motor-driven. The angle...
    Diffractometers - (35 companies)
    ...diffractometers use X-rays, electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the range of 0.1 to 10 nanometers (nm). Typically, X-ray diffraction instruments are used to study the crystalline structure of solids and ionizing gases. Because X-rays are diffracted...

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