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  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 8 Issue 11 November 2011
    The beam trolley runs on a double I - beam, for increased stability.
  • Materials Handling Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    The early power-and-free track configuration went through several design changes before industry standardized with the present I - beam over double -channel cross section. Techniques used to disengage the free load-bearing trolley from the power chain have also changed since …
  • Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition > LOADING, CARRYING, AND EXCAVATING
    Top-running cranes utilize single- or double -flange wheels that ride on the top surface of a … Under-running cranes utilize single-flange wheels that ride on the top surface of the lower flange of a structural I beam , wide-flange beam, or H beam like the trolley on the monorail illustrated in Figure 10.4.13.
  • Development of an automatic line scale measuring instrument
    The trolley has a 500 mm long wheelbase with the two double wheels and single drive wheel (all precision ground bearings). The line scales are mounted either on the top surface of the I - beam or on adjustable platforms.
  • Anyone built a shop crane?
    A gantry crane would also need a lot more steel ( I - beams and such) and drive the cost up considerably. … a HF electric winch that has a single line capacity of 650# (1300# double line) on sale … … bolt pattern on the winch is exactly the right width to put the trolley right under the …
  • Tarping Flatbed Trailers Recognizing And Responding to Fall Exposures
    3) Use center I - beam trolleys installed overhead on some trailers to pull the tarp along the trailer (forklift loaded). 4) Develop and use frame method SRLs and advanced double SRLs to provide fall protection for the …
  • Concept study: Use of grout vaults for disposal of long-length contaminated equipment
    The trolleys might be recoverable through a reasonable sized roof opening but the bridge would have t … The double bridge option overcomes some of the problems presented by the single bridge but presents some … The bridge beams would be much smaller since they would only have t o span the 50 … However, they run transverse t o the item being carried so i t could not be raised …
    The disassembly area crane will be a 20-ton capacity, double I beam , three- motor crane, with a span of approximately 36 feet - 6 inches. The trolley and bridge will be provided with instrumentation for remote location positioning when operating from the …
  • Strength Analysis and Optimal Design for Main Girder of Double-Trolley Overhead Traveling Crane Using Finite Element Method
    Fig. 1 Overall structure of double - trolley overhead traveling crane. 1) End beam , (2) main girder, (3) tonnage token device, (4) lifting trolley, (5) nameplate device, and … L the length of main girder, h the height of I - steel, b I-steel leg width …
  • WNGlosses (\
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