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  • PACT: the actuator to support the primary mirror of the ELT
    Two types of disturbances are defined by ESO, namely wind disturbances and sensor noise of the edge sensors. .... Additional disturbances (e.g. voice coil amplifier noise) were also taken into account. Controller.
  • A sub-hertz vibration isolation platform for a deep space optical communication transceiver
    The flange, which is attached to the cup, clamps the membrane's edge . .... The LVDT primary winding and the voice coil solenoid are bolted from the lower side of .
  • Classical Allusions and Imperial Desire: Problems of Identity in Georgian and Russian Literature
    …to measure how far the sea recedes each day, with each invasion, and coils that rope around .... He is not alone in his grief, and his wife, standing at the edge of the sea, gives voice to their country’s collective sorrow. .... She howls at the wind , but no matter how loudly she howls, she can neither erase nor…
  • Design and application of compliant mechanisms for morphing aircraft structures
    Wind tunnel results for a long endurance airfoil compliant trailing edge flap demonstrated the ability to produce low drag over a wide range of lift. .... High frequency vortex generators were developed and demonstrated by integrating voice - coil motors and piezoelectric stack actuators with compliant motion amplifiers to produce active flow control systems that can extend flow control performance into the transonic regime.
  • Analysis of TMT primary mirror control-structure interaction
    If soft force actuators are used (e.g. voice - coil ), then in addition to the global position loop there will be a local servo loop to provide stiffness. .... the M1CS for TMT will need to provide some compensation for higher frequency wind disturbances in order … a 1 Hz control bandwidth is required for the global feedback of segment edge -sensor- based position…
  • Dynamic Analysis of the Actively-Controlled Segmented Mirror of the Thirty Meter Telescope
    …TMT and E-ELT will provide some reduction of the response to unsteady wind tur- bulence forces .... Furthermore, in addition to the global feedback from edge -sensors, TMT will use voice - coil actuators to control each segment; these are stiffened with a relatively high-bandwidth servo loop using collocated encoder feedback within the actuator.
  • Dynamic analysis of TMT
    TMT has not yet selected the actuators that will be used in the primary mirror control system, however one leading candidate is a soft voice - coil actuator stiffened through an active servo control loop.12 The telescope structural dynamics limit the bandwidth .... Because the residual segment rotation (that determines seeing-limited performance) and inter-segment edge discontinuities (that determines … the model include the relevant outer scale and turbulent energy fraction for the wind turbulence, as in…
  • Control challenges for extremely large telescopes
    …ments (stroke, bandwidth) will follow from a more detailed consid- eration of the wind loading and resulting .... employ voice - coils . .... The relative displacement of neighbouring segments is mea- sured using capacitive edge sensors.
  • Active control of tip clearance flow in axial compressors
    Using a linear interpolation of the measurements, an input voltage for the cascade actuation experiment is calculated for a desired jet velocity UJ, peak at a desired frequencyf within the envelope defined by the maximum input voltage to the voice coil . .... cascade test section, it is assumed that the actuator performance remains unchanged during the wind tunnel testing. .... to be replaced from time to time, because it breaks along the sandwiched edges after being used…
  • Boeing active flow control system (BAFCS)-III
    It had slots at the leading edge and trailing edge of the wing, but UA CFD and .... This model was also to serve as a mold for GrEP wings to house voice coil actuators which are too large to fit within the 0. .... plans were to perform cruise and download testing at the NASA ARC 80'x120' wind tunnel using the…