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  • Hydraulic Rotary Actuators-Image
    Hydraulic Rotary Actuators - (167 companies)
    ...devices provide an output on only one side of the actuator. Double-shaft devices provide outputs on both sides of the actuator. Operation. To convert linear motion into shaft rotation, helical spline teeth on the shaft engage matching splines...
    Rotation Angle
    Indexing / Multi-position
    Shaft Configuration
  • Helical Gears-Image
    Helical Gears - (208 companies)
    Helical gears are cylindrilical gears whose teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation. The teeth are angled and appear as a segment of a helix. Helical gears can transmit power between parallel or right angle axes. Helical gears are cylindrical...
  • Linear Actuators-Image
    Linear Actuators - (754 companies)
    ...with a set of gears. Gears used in motors are external type gears such as spur, helical, and herringbone designs. Direct drives connect the motor directly to the electric linear actuator. This method takes the power coming from a motor without any...
  • Antennas-Image
    Antennas - (1128 companies)
    They are most often used in broadcasting. Other types of antennas can be adjusted to transmit directionally: Helical antennas feature a conductor wound in the shape of a helix. By alternating the operating mode (from broadside to end-fire) of the antenna...
  • Valve Actuators-Image
    Valve Actuators - (863 companies)
    Valve actuators mount on valves and, in response to a signal, move a valve to a desired position using an outside power source. Selecting the correct valve actuator will increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase plant safety. Most...
    Banding and Strapping - (251 companies)
    Strapping and banding are used to secure items for shipping or storage or as a clamp to secure an assembly together. Image Credit: Global Industrial. Banding and strapping are used to secure items for shipping or storage. Types of Banding...
    Band Heaters - (150 companies)
    Band heaters are ring-shaped heaters that clamp onto a cylindrical object and heat via conductive heat transfer. Band heaters are ring-shaped heating devices that clamp around a cylindrical element. Heat transfer from band heaters occurs via...
    Damper Actuators - (50 companies)
    Damper actuators are powered devices that are used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke. There are two basic types: electric and pneumatic. Electric damper actuators differ in terms of output. Choices include 0 to 12 VDC, 2 to 10...
    Piezoelectric Actuators - (62 companies)
    Piezoelectric actuators are devices that produce a small displacement with a high force capability when voltage is applied. Piezoelectric actuators are devices that produce a small displacement with a high force capability when voltage is applied...
    Electric Rotary Actuators - (184 companies)
    ...features include cushioning to soften stops, position feedback devices such as encoders and potentiometers, and magnetic bands that can be read by a switch. Performance specifications for electric rotary actuators include supply voltage, repeatability...

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