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  • No Major Changes Seen In Stability Of Antarctic Ice Sheet
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The interior of the West Antarctic ice sheet -- the largest grounded repository of ice on the planet -- isn t melting rapidly, is reasonably stable and has been so for more than a century. That s the conclusion drawn by an international team of scientists who analyzed five years
  • Plastic Bearings Increase Production of Ice Cream
    The leading maker of ice cream treats was unable to meet production demands because of inconsistent speeds and frequent seizing of their conveyor systems. Whenever the conveyors stopped rolling, products were unable to move from processing to packaging. This hampered overall productivity, reduced
  • 5 Signs You have an Ice Dam on Your Roof
    Ice dams are formed when interior heat escapes and warms the roof. The melting snow then runs to the colder eave, where it refreezes. This process can cause severe damage to your roof, and potentially expose your interior to water damage. So how do you know you have an ice dam problem
  • Toy Snowmobiles-Turned-Robots Track Climate Conditions on Ice
    ice shelves are melting as well as the dynamics influencing the stability of ice sheets. Although much of the data can be obtained by satellites, their data isn 't as accurate as good old-fashioned, on-site measurements. The drawback is that static, ground-based weather stations limit the number
  • Sustainable Engineering: Brouhaha Brewing Over Energy Star Ratings
    claims to use 547 kW-hr per year, but in tests consumed more than double that amount, apparently because the Energy Star protocol allows the ice maker to be turned off during testing, resulting in the ice melting. believes this condition is unrealistic. says part of the problem is that it usually takes
  • Glaciers of Kilimanjaro (.pdf)
    It is well known that the earth's polar ice caps are melting. However, it is not as well known that many alpine glaciers around the world are also shrinking. This shrinking is perhaps most dramatic in equatorial alpine glaciers such those that crown Mount Kilimanjaro. Though shrinkage of Mount
  • Hydronic Snowmelting Essentials (.pdf)
    kill nearby plants, increase building cleanup as they're tracked inside and, over time, seriously degrade floor surfaces, concrete and asphalt. In essence, using radiant heat is a "greener" approach to melting snow and ice.
  • PEVA Film and EVA Film
    EVA is a copolymer which is comprised of the monomers Ethylene C2H4 and Vinyl Acetate Monomer CH2=CHOOCCH3 conjoined to make the copolymer Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, or EVA for short. EVA lowers the seal initiation temperature and melting point of PE film. In low percentages, it has been used

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