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  • Cross‐linked polymer brushes. II. Formation and properties of poly(isobutyl vinyl ether)‐ b ‐poly[2‐(vinyloxy)ethyl cinnamate] brushes
    Nitric Acid Resistance of Photocured Brushes .
  • Localized weld metal corrosion in stainless steel water tanks
    Corrosion resistance was also satisfactory in GMA welds in which oxidized surfaceswere postweld cleaned by wire brushing and chemically passivated in nitric acid .
  • Refractory Oxide Coatings on Titanium for Nitric Acid Applications
    The novelty of the present coating process is that highly corrosion resistant coating can be applied with paint brush using inexpen- sive chemicals such as oxide powder and glycerol. In the present study, preparation of tantalum and niobium oxide coatings by a thermochemical coating technique, characterization, and corrosion evaluation of Ta2O5, Nb2O5, and Ta2O5 + Nb2O5 oxide coatings on Ti in boiling 65 pct nitric acid solution is presented.
  • Subject Index to Volume 18
    … inducing ligand and its receptors in chronic gastritis 763 drug resistance, microbial; antibiotic resistance in peritonitis 927 … … orexigenic activity with affinity for growth-hormone secretagogue receptor (Letter to the Editor) 881 emptying, gastric; 13 C-octanoic acid measured solid 41 encephalopathy … … on gastric microcirculation 47 nitric oxide synthase; in primary … … tropical sprue 540 enzymes, brush border; transcriptional factors in …
  • Multi-objective optimal design of small scale resistance spot welding process with principal component analysis and response surface methodology
    … quality (Saresh et al. 2007), so it is necessary to reduce the surface resistance by mechanical and … In this research, first the sheets are cleaned using hard brush , and then are chemically cleaned by the mixed solution of 45% of nitric acid , 20% of hydroflu- oric acid and 35% of water.
  • ZCU537
    The alloy is corroded by nitric acid , ferric chloride and sulfate, acid chromates, ammonium hydroxide and mercury or its compounds. Specification Equivalents: UNS C82800 QQ-C-390 WW-v-1967 General Characteristics: BRUSH WELLMAN Alloy 275C was developed for plastic injeo tion molds and other applications where maximum hardness, wear resistance and casting fluidity are required.