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  • Thermotunneling Based Cooling Systems for High Efficiency Buildings
    Cooling applications will include commercial space cooling and refrigeration, residential refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers . Power generation opportunities exist in remote stationary power driven by geothermal, solar , or fossil fuel sources. Another area is portable power for electronic devices utilizing a combustible, gas-driven thermotunneling energy cells.
  • Belgium - Walloon Region: Decree of April 25, 2002 one the certain to take-back wastes for recycling or disposal, in since force June 18, 2002-in French obliga...
    … and of freezings: frigos, frigo surgélateurs and air conditioners, apparatuses combined and surgélateur déshumidificateurs of air; 2. … wringers, clothes dryer and washing machine repasseuses water heater and combined dryers, solarium plafonnier and solar benches; small électroménager: furnaces and grills, hoods, furnaces at microwave and other furnaces, portable hot plates, multiple hobs …
  • Costs of protable sawmilling timbers from the acacia woodlands of western Queensland, Australia
    … woodland type, no conclusions can be drawn about the relative merit of one portable sawmilling strategy over … Approximately half the sawn volume remained on the stations to be air-dried, with the rest freighted to Brisbane for solar kiln and dehumidifier kiln drying.
  • The Energy-Efficient Residence: Research Results
    This indicated a substantial passive solar effect even though the curtains or drapes were closed at the … In early December the large portable dehumidifier in the basement of the EER was put into operation.
  • Industry Stakeholder Recommendations for DOE's RD&D for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes
    … 3'' to 5'' MERV11 air filters/return air registers integrated 4 3) More efficient dehumidifiers 3+ 4) Better … [Keywords: Solar thermal/domestic hot water, photovoltaics (PV), and passive solar] 1) Solar electric panel which have higher … … technologies 6 6) Solar/hydrogen fuel cell 6 7) Using hybrid car as a portable cogeneration unit for …
  • Progress in Clean Energy, Volume 2
    … 235, 236 thermal reliability, 235, 237 Correlations, solar radiation Aligarh region, 947 Angstr€om-type regression, 939, 944 daily diffuse radiation, 939 diffusion, 944–946 direct solar radiation, 946–947 extraterrestrial solar radiation, 941, 942 mean … … effect, 42, 43 in portable electronics, 41–42 samples electrochemical … … 237 thermal properties and mixing speeds, 235, 236 Degrees of freedom (DOF), 1013 Dehumidifier /regenerator investigations, 914 …
  • Space Shuttle Columbia
    … 201±203 STS-62, 208±220 debris incident before touchdown, 220 Dexterous End Effector tests during STS-62, 216±218, 217 Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology payload on, 213±216, 219 Portable In-Flight Landing Operations Trainer used on, 219±220 solar and atmospheric studies on … … biotechnology research on, 421 combustion research on, 421±423 crystal growth research on, 421 dehumidifier problem on, 419 …
  • industry equipment - offers from industry equipment manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    [ Related Keywords : Sandblasting Pot, Sandblasting hopper, Sandblast Pot, Portable Blasting Pot ] Machinery Parts-CNC Parts for Aerospace,Medical Equipment, Solar ... Plastic Injection Industry Industrial Honeycomb Drying Dryer Equipment Dehumidifier Product Features P.I.D ...