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Products/Services for Quench Chamber Venturi Scrubbers

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    Scrubbers - (382 companies)
    ...over spray towers for gas streams with heavier particulate loads. Venturi Scrubbers. Venturi scrubbers are scrubbers with a venturi shaped chamber with converging and diverging sections. Water is injected at low pressure into the throat...
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    Venturi Vacuum Generators - (74 companies)
    Venturi vacuum generators use the flow of motive fluid such as air, steam, or liquid to evacuate air. Venturi vacuum generators create vacuums using a venturi chamber designed to move gases or fluids out of a region of space. Venturi or fluid jet...
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    Floor Scrubbers - (154 companies)
    Floor scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors and parking areas. Scrubbers Information. Floor scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors...
    Quenching Oils and Heat Treatment Fluids - (27 companies)
    Quenching oil and heat treatment fluids are designed for rapid or controlled cooling of steel or other metal as part of a hardening, tempering or other heat-treating process. How to Select Quenching Oils and Heat Treatment Fluids. Image Credit...
    Heat Treatment Salts - (14 companies)
    Heat treatment salt is melted to form a molten salt bath, which is used to anneal, solution treat, quench or harden, temper, clean, strip, descale, braze, sodler, nitride, carbonitride, carbuize, and cure rubber. Hubbard-Hall manufactures molten...
    Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters - (756 companies)
    ...a separation or filtering process based on the type of scrubber. Types of particulate scrubbers include gravity spray towers, cyclones spray chambers, impingement scrubbers, packed bed scrubbers, and venturi scrubbers. Wet scrubbers, most notably...
    Positive Displacement Flow Meters - (159 companies)
    Positive displacement flow meters measure the volume or flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes. These devices consist of a chamber that obstructs the media flow and a rotating or reciprocating mechanism...
    Anechoic Chambers - (38 companies)
    They are usually constructed with cement or brick walls to keep outside sound from entering the chamber. Inside, the chamber is lined with fiberglass wedges to absorb the sound waves. Anechoic chambers that are used to study or test electromagnetic...
    Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators - (842 companies)
    Vapor. Ion. Cryogenic / Cryosorption. Getter / TSP / NEG Sorption. Venturi Jet Pumps. Venturi vacuum generators create vacuum by acting on the viscous properties of the gas or fluid being evacuated using the venturi chamber construction...
    Vacuum Manipulators - (53 companies)
    To create a vacuum chamber, a vacuum motor or in-vacuum motor physically pumps the air from the vessel until the desired sub-atmospheric pressure is achieved. If the vacuum chamber contains an ultra-high vacuum, then an ultra-high vacuum...

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