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    Receptacle Testers - (26 companies)
    Receptacle testers are used to test wiring in electrical receptacles. They identify outlets that are open ground, open hot or open neutral; hot, hot on neutral, or ground reversed with open hot; and which have faulty wiring or reverse polarity...
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  • Web Tension Indicators-Image
    Web Tension Indicators - (40 companies)
    Web tension indicators measure and report tension parameters in web or other flat-sheet production processes. Some types of web tension indicators have control functionality as well. Web tension indicators measure and report tension parameters...
  • Traction and Tension Dynamometers-Image
    Traction and Tension Dynamometers - (26 companies)
    Traction dynamometers and tension dynamometers are used to measure force in tension, traction and weighing applications with cables, guy wires and chain. Traction dynamometers and tension dynamometers are used to measure traction or tension in many...
  • Web Tension Sensors-Image
    Web Tension Sensors - (40 companies)
    Web tension sensors are used to measure static or running tension in webs or sheets during the manufacture of textiles, paper, and other sheet materials. Web tension sensors use a voltage or current source to measure web tension parameters...
  • Belt and Chain Tensioners-Image
    Belt and Chain Tensioners - (86 companies)
    Belt and chain tensioners apply and maintain correct tension on power transmission drive systems. Belt and chain tensioners reduce belt or chain slack and transmit drive torque uniformly. They also reduce noise and vibration; decrease sprocket...
    Tension Meters - (73 companies)
    Tension meters are instruments that measure tension in cable, fiber, belts and webs, or sheets. Cable or fiber meters are designed to measure tension of circular cross-section elements. Strap or belt meters are designed for elements whose thickness...
    Tensiometers and Surface Tension Meters - (66 companies)
    Surface tension and wettability instruments measure fluid surface tension, a tangential force that keeps a fluid together at the air/fluid interface. Surface tension is a direct indicator of the quality of any chemical and any formulation. Surface...
    Electrical Test Probes - (251 companies)
    ...with a continuity tester. A high voltage probe is used to measure high voltage signals. Magnetic probes sense magnetic fields in solenoid-operated devices, stepper switches, relays, valves and coils. Optical probes are electrical test probes that convert optical...
    Industrial Inks - (327 companies)
    Industrial inks are liquids, powders or transfer tapes printed, sprayed, rolled or transferred onto substrates or media to create markings, patterns, print or graphics.
    Electrical Receptacles - (370 companies)
    Electrical receptacles, outlets, and wall sockets accept plugs and provide current to run electrical devices. They are used in a variety of residential, general-purpose, commercial, industrial, laboratory, and hospital applications. Types. Several...

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