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Products/Services for Sawmill Carriage Drives

  • Lumber and Sawmill Equipment-Image
    Lumber and Sawmill Equipment - (72 companies)
    ...at the harvest site. A logging truck, train, or log drive transports logs to the sawmill facility. Logs are scaled before entering the mill, either in transport or just outside the facility. This involves measuring, inspecting for defects...
  • Index Drives-Image
    Index Drives - (23 companies)
    Index drives are used to start and stop a table, conveyor or other equipment at precise intervals. Types of index drives include cam index drives, ring index drives, and roller gear index drives. Index drives are used to start and stop a table...
    Slewing Drives - (25 companies)
    Slewing drives are a type of special gearbox designed to translate axial movement, typically of a worm gear, to radial movement. Typical applications of slewing drives include wind turbines, solar tracking systems, satellite broadcasting systems...
  • Servo Drives-Image
    Servo Drives - (475 companies)
    Servo drives provide electrical drive outputs to servo motors in closed-loop motion control systems where position feedback and corrective signals optimize position and speed accuracy. Servo drives provide electrical outputs to servo motors...
  • Rack and Pinion Drives-Image
    Rack and Pinion Drives - (30 companies)
    ...an opposing or braking force. The opposing motor can take over during deceleration,smoothing carriage stops and reversals. Performance Specifications. Selecting rack and pinion drives requires an analysis of performance specifications,. Axis drive...
    AC Motor Drives - (798 companies)
    AC motor drives interface controllers to AC motors. They match the control signals (voltage and power levels) as well as the signal type (analog or digital). They also provide power conversion, amplification, and the sequencing of waveform signals...
    Top Drives - (19 companies)
    Top drives are suspended mechanical devices that provide torque to the drill string and serve as an alternative to the use of a Kelly drive or rotary table. Top drives are suspended mechanical drives that provide clockwise torque to the drill string...
    DC Motor Drives - (645 companies)
    DC motor drives act as the interface and power supply between a motion controller and a DC motor. How to Select DC Motor Drives. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Electromate; Baldor Electric Company. DC motor drives are defined as amplifiers...
    Pump Drives - (13 companies)
    Pump drives take an input rotational power source and route it to hydraulic pumps via gears or other means. The pumps are mounted on the drive housing. Pump drives take power from an input rotational source and send it to a hydraulic pump. Gears...
    Hard Drives - (381 companies)
    Hard drives are integral, non-volatile, electronic data storage units inside computers. Traditionally, hard drives were hard-wired into computers. Removeable hard disks and drives are also available. Hard drives are integral non-volatile electronic...

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