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  • Quieting Impact and Vibration (.pdf)
    Spring technology for dampening is relatively old. Stagecoaches had leaf springs, early trains had large, crude, coil-spring buffers (to absorb shocks when cars bumped together) and early automobiles made use of simple springs for dampening as well. However, these early springs were roughly
  • Medical Device Link .
    fastening methods. The SHB-series systems provide several advantages over traditional fastening methods. First, the viscoelastic properties of the adhesives can help absorb shock and distribute stress to eliminate the concentrated stress points of mechanical fasteners. This provides for high holding
  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    and 65% rear to help cut understeer. The AWD has an open differential with a viscous coupling and a clutch pack that distributes torque based on traction needs. The independent rear suspension is a short long-arm (SLA), coil-over-shock design, echoing that found on the Explorer and Expedition
  • Don't just sit there, play!
    , and they act as shock absorbers. The TiSport BB is built from titanium tubing to better absorb shock. The TiSport BB has a standard flip-up antitipper as shown here, or an adjustable titanium fifth wheel. The Leader from New Halls Wheels is a racing chair that features a unicrown fork for maximum
  • 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 434
    ride quality and handling. Up front, a SLA suspension using a coil-over-shock design replaces torsion bars. According to Ford, switching from torsion bars to coil springs cuts rough-road steering-column shake and ride harshness by letting components absorb impact forces when wheels hit sharp bumps
  • Fasteners that maximize assembly life
    not absorb shock and dynamic loads but, rather, transmit these to the mating components. Solid pins are often effective, but engineers need to closely examine the dynamic forces in many applications. For example, a common perception is that solid pins are the best option for heavy-duty applications
  • Hydraulic Speed Control
    are linear-acting devices that precisely regulate displacement versus time. Specifically, a load applied to the HSC's piston rod is maintained at a constant speed throughout the entire compression stroke. HSCs, like shock absorbers, transform kinetic energy into heat by means of hydraulic orificing
  • Tougher and stronger glue
    are formulated to withstand severe shock, peel, and impact. They bear heavy loads, withstand chemicals, endure extreme temperatures, absorb energy, and can take large deformations without rupturing. Specialty-vehicle manufacturers, for example, now use structural adhesives to replace or augment

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