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  • Impedance Matching Networks-Image
    Impedance Matching Networks - (21 companies)
    Impedance matching networks are electrical circuits which, when connected between two networks, match the output impedance of the source (the first network) to the input impedance of the load (the receiving or second network). The purpose of matching these two impedances is to minimize wave reflection and/or to maximize the transfer of power between the system and the load.
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    Boxes and Crates - (231 companies)
    Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications.
  • Magnetrons-Image
    Magnetrons - (21 companies)
    Magnetrons are high-powered vacuum tubes used to generate microwave signals. Products include cavity magnetrons and sputtering magnetrons. Magnetrons are high-powered vacuum tubes used to generate microwave signals. There are many types of products...
  • Thin Film Materials-Image
    Thin Film Materials - (203 companies)
    Thin film materials are high purity materials and chemicals such as precursor gases, sputtering targets, or evaporation filaments used to form or modify thin film deposits and substrates. How to Select Thin Film Materials. What Are Thin Film...
  • Plasma Power Supplies-Image
    Plasma Power Supplies - (75 companies)
    Plasma power supplies are DC and RF devices used in plasma generation equipment for applications such as sputtering, plasma etching, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating. Applications. Plasma power...
    Thin Film Sources - (72 companies)
    ...on a pre-existing surface. Magnetrons are a self-excited oscillator used as a radar transmitter tube. Magnetron sputtering is the most widely used process for vacuum thin film deposition. A magnetron tube is most commonly used in microwave ovens. A thin film...
    Thin Film Equipment - (304 companies) designed for low-volume experimental or analytical applications. Sputter coaters for SEM or TEM preparation would fall into this category. Features. There are several technology choices available for thin film equipment. These include chemical...
    IC Interconnect Components - (377 companies)
    IC interconnect components interface or connect a microelectronic semiconductor chip to a board or larger scale device.
    Thin Film Coating Services - (222 companies)
    ...with an energy source then forms a thin film coating. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) also uses an energy source, but for glow discharge processes such as evaporation and sputtering. With PVD, coating materials are condensed and deposited onto a surface...
    RF Generators - (87 companies)
    RF generators and high frequency power supplies provide the power required for plasma generation, induction heating, and radar or communications applications.

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