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  • Refractory Ferrules-Image
    Refractory Ferrules - (19 companies)
    Refractory ferrules are designed to protect boiler tube inlet areas and metal tube sheets in sulfur recovery units (SRUs) used in oil refinery operations. Boiler tube inserts are also used in methane reformers and waste heat boilers (WHB...
  • Refractory Cements and Raw Materials-Image
    Refractory Cements and Raw Materials - (148 companies)
    Refractory cements and raw materials consist of castables, rams, aggregates and binders that are resistant to high temperatures. Refractory cements and raw materials are hard, heat resistant materials that are suitable for applications that require...
  • Refractory Services-Image
    Refractory Services - (132 companies)
    Refractory services for manufacturing, installing and repairing refractory shapes or monolithic refractories. Refractory services manufacture, install and repair refractory shapes and monolithic refractories. Refractory shapes are hard, heat...
  • Refractory Shapes-Image
    Refractory Shapes - (212 companies)
    Refractory shapes include recasted, preformed or sintered refractory products that are formed prior to installation in furnaces, boilers or other high temperature equipment. Refractory shapes include precast cement and fused or sintered refractory...
    Thermal and Refractory Ceramics - (95 companies)
    How to Select Thermal and Refractory Ceramics. Thermal and refractory ceramics are inorganic, engineered materials that are designed for high-temperature applications. They are used for thermal insulation and fire proofing, and also as structural...
    Refractory and Reactive Metals - (182 companies)
    How to Select Refractory and Reactive Metals. Refractory metals are a class of metals that are extraordinarily resistant to heat and wear and have extremely high melting points. Reactive metals have a strong affinity for oxygen and nitrogen...
    Ceramic Insulation and Textiles - (149 companies)
    Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation products that consist of ceramic fibers in bulk, cloth, batting, paper or rope forms. Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation...
    Bricks - (118 companies)
    Bricks consist of fired ceramic or cement materials with a rectangular shape. Different bricks are available for specific applications such firebricks or refractory bricks, acid bricks for flooring and red bricks for masonry applications. Bricks...
    Ceramic Fabrication Services - (236 companies)
    Ceramic fabrication services produce parts and assemblies made of ceramic or refractory materials for electrical, thermal, optical, wear and mechanical, or structural applications. In addition to applications and industries served, ceramic...
    Zirconium Oxide and Zirconia Ceramics - (85 companies)
    Zirconium oxide and zirconia ceramics are extremely refractory compounds of zirconium and oxygen. Zirconia ceramics possess excellent chemical inertness and corrosion resistance at temperatures well above the melting point of alumina. How to Select...

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