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  • Safety Gloves-Image
    Safety Gloves - (1062 companies) fire/heat resistant. Leather foundations with high-strength materials such as polymer/TPR shells, carbon fibers, neoprene, nylon, aramids, Cordura (R), Kevlar (R), and Clarino (R). Image credit: 2 Hot Activewear. Sandblasting gloves are intended...
  • Welding Gloves-Image
    Welding Gloves - (97 companies)
    Welding gloves are specialized, personal protection equipment worn on a welder's hands during material fabrication applications. They are resistant to high heat, metal splatter, abrasion, and electricity while providing dexterity to the fingers...
    Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Coatings - (94 companies)
    Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings provide durability at high temperatures and/or flame protection around components. Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames from potentially...
  • Heat Exchangers-Image
    Heat Exchangers - (1422 companies)
    ...with multiple fins (thin plates) protruding from the tube wall to increase the surface area for heat transfer. Finned-tube heat exchangers are used when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of the tubes is appreciably lower than...
  • Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials-Image
    Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials - (481 companies)
    Blocks usually have a rectangular shape, although specialized shapes are used for paving, refractory, decorative and other specialized applications. Refractory or fireclay blocks are manufactured from temperature resistant materials. Refractory...
    Heat Pipes - (59 companies)
    ...and aerospace to home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Heat pipe technology is also used in circuit boards or computers. A flat heat pipe or thin heat pipe is used in conjunction with airflow from fans to regulate the computer 's...
    Solder - (246 companies)
    The iron (right) heats the solder wire (top) to join the wire to a surface or another wire; in this case the stripped wire is being tinned. The smoke seen in the image is a typical byproduct of most soldering processes. At its most basic, soldering...
    Heat Pumps - (286 companies)
    Heat pumps are reverse cycle air conditioners. They use a compression cycle system to supply heat or remove heat from a temperature-controlled space. Heat pumps are reverse cycle air conditioners. Heat pumps use a complete cycle system to supply...
    Thin-section Bearings - (88 companies)
    Thin-section bearings have small cross-sections with respect to their diameter. They are designed to save space, lower the weight of a design and reduce friction. Thin and extra thin-section bearings are available in inch or metric sizes...
    Thin Film Equipment - (310 companies)
    ...of gases is fed into a chamber and reacted with an energy source (usually heat) to form thin film coatings. Physical vapor deposition processes form thin film layers through evaporation or sputtering (glow discharge processes) of atoms from a source...

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  • Handbook of Plastics Technologies: The Complete Guide to Properties and Performance > ELASTOMERS
    NR is well suited for tires because of its relatively low heat buildup, tearing resistance , low-temperature flexibility, fatigue resistance, and building tack. .... In addition to the above, NR is important in the production of thin -walled products such as surgical gloves , balloons, condoms, and so forth.
  • Improved Operational Stability of Polymer Light‐Emitting Diodes Based on Silver Nanowire Electrode Through Pre‐Bias Conditioning Treatment
    …cleaning.[15] PEDOT: PSS (Clevios P VP AI4083) dispersed in water was spin-cast at 1500 rpm for 60 s to form thin layer of 50 nm … anode of which sheet resistance was 60 Ω sq−1, and heated at 130 °C for … layer followed by thermal annealing at 100 °C for 1 h in a nitrogen-filled glove box.
  • Glove permeation by semiconductor processing mixtures containing glycol-ether derivatives.
    With the exception of the negative photoresist, heating previously exposed nitrile rubber samples at 70 degrees C for 20 hr prior to retesting reduced or eliminated the effects of residual solvents, permitting reuse of the gloves . .... The use of thin PVC or natural rubber gloves adjacent to the nitrile gloves provided moderate increases in permeation resistance .
  • Dyneema® Gloves
    Their washability stems from their excellent chemical resistance . .... Gloves made with Dyneema® offer comfort because they are flexible and thin , non-irritating and wick heat and moisture from the hand.
  • Comparative Evaluation of Impact and Flexural Strength of Four Commercially Available Flexible Denture Base Materials: An In Vitro Study
    Flask margin was checked, ensuring that both flask halves make intimate metal contact (v) Apply separator: a thin coat of separating agent was applied to mold space … for at least 15 min prior to processing (vii) Heat cartridge: DENTSPLYÒ Silicone Spray .... Using heat resistant gloves , the cartridge was inserted into the cartridge sleeve, this must remained in the furnace during the injection process (viii) Heat flask: Injection Insert was positioned on bolt side of the flask and flask halves were placed directly under…
  • Liquid phase deposition of iron and cobalt doped TiO 2 epitaxial thin films
    Through this method, TiO2 thin films can be formed from an aqueous solution at low temperature and ordinary pressure on sub- strates with wide areas, complex shapes or low heat resis- tance such as organic polymer. .... when compared to sol- gel synthesis, which often requires precursor preparation and spin coating in glove boxes.
    These difficulties are overcome by the use of mitts and socks made of pliofilm.1 This material is moisture proof, oil proof, odorless, nonirritating, pliable, thin , durable, tear resistant , sewable, heat sealing, not uncomfortably warm, noninflammable, resistant to weak acid and alkali .... Previously, one of us had employed rubber gloves and socks to maintain wet dressings over night.
  • Handbook of Polymer Reaction Engineering, Two Volumes
    NR is a relatively low-cost rubber collected as a latex from Hevea brasiliensis, and yields excellent physical and dynamic properties, ex- plaining applications ranging from tires (low heat buildup) to thin -walled, soft products like gloves and balloons. .... Acrylonitrile– butadiene copolymers, that is, nitrile rubber (NBR), have a high swelling resistance because of their high…
  • Quick Selection Guide to Chemical Protective Clothing
    As a note, sometimes you will find that Kevlar® Knit Overgloves are recommended for use when heat and flame resistance are required. .... Gloves Gloves Glove manufactures may also recommend glove systems with an outer glove in a mechanical resistant material or glove (e.g., a nitrile glove or natural rubber glove) and a thin (less than 0.1 mm) highly chemical resistant inner glove…
    Welding out of position or on thin material prone to pro- ducing sparks may require leather chaps .... Protective, heat re- sistant , nonflammable gloves (typically leather) should be worn to protect the hands and wrists.