Door Frames Information

Lead-lined door for radioactive applications Door frames are prebuilt assemblies that support doors. They serve as entry points to structures and rooms. 




  • Swing door frames are the most common door frame and are used for hinged door installation. This includes types with two hinges that allow two doors to open indepedently, and typically opposingly. 
  • Pocket door frames are used when the door needs to be recessed into the wall. The door moves on a track within the frame. They are similar to sliding doors which leave the door visible after opening. 
  • Specialty door frames are often made-to-order or designed for specific application that calls for unusual entry apparatuses.  

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Door frames are designed to mount within masonry, wood or metal stud type structures. They are available in various frame thicknesses and materials to meet the builders need.




Common features for these products include fire labeled, LEED credited and included hinge and strike preparations.


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