Door and window supplies include doors, windows, hardware and accessories used with doors and windows.
Door and Window Supplies Categories

Access Doors (139 suppliers)

Access doors provide access to a specific piece of equipment or a confined space. They are typically small, hinged doors that offer access to compartments.

Air Curtains (37 suppliers)

Air curtains create downward air turbulence at building accessways to limit the exchange of air, dust, and insects between environments.

Awnings and Canopies (324 suppliers)

Awnings and canopies are free-standing or attached shelters that typically consist of a textile cover and metal frame. They provide weather protection, as well as a large surface for signage or advertising.

Deadbolts (44 suppliers)

Deadbolts are door security devices that have an elongated bolt that when engaged will insert into the door jam to provide protection from forced entry. Deadbolts are available in many materials and finishes. They can be actuated by key on one or both sides.

Door Closers (82 suppliers)

Door Closers close a door after it has been manually opened.

Door Frames (42 suppliers)

Door frames are assemblies that hang doors within structures. These include swing door, pocket door, and specialty door frames.

Door Stops and Holders (68 suppliers)

Door stops and holders prevent undesired movement of doors to prevent damage to nearby objects or to keep the door ajar. There are many configurations.

Door Strikes (37 suppliers)

Door strikes are metal plate devices that are installed within a door jamb to stop and retain a door when closed. Multiple operational configurations are available for differing door bolt options as well as the action of the clasp mechanism and level of security.

Door Viewers (21 suppliers)

Door Viewers are security devices that allow the user visual access to the other side of the door.

Doors (1,347 suppliers)

Doors are swinging or sliding barriers that can be opened or closed to allow or deny entry.

Exterior Doors (478 suppliers)

Exterior doors are designed and constructed for outdoor use. They allow personnel and equipment to enter and exit from buildings.

Interior Doors (279 suppliers)

Interior doors are designed and constructed for indoor use, typically in residential and commercial applications.

Kick Plates (25 suppliers)

Kick Plates are protective sheets that are attached to the bottom of a door to protect it from impact and scratches.

Locksets (89 suppliers)

Locksets are used to operate and secure an entry door. These products are available in various materials, finishes and levels of security. They can be operated by a knob or a lever and can be locked and unlocked with ether keys or electronic keypads.

Magnetic Locks (27 suppliers)

Magnetic locks are devices that secure door or gate entryways by using magnetic force. Current is supplied to electromagnets to hold or cut off, allowing the door or gate to be opened. These devices are used in commercial applications as well as industry.

Overhead Doors (179 suppliers)

Garage doors are designed to enclose and protect the entrances to garages and other large structures.

Panic Bars (49 suppliers)

Panic Bars are door opening devices that span emergency exit doors on its interior. They open the latch when pressure is applied.

Shutters (109 suppliers)

Shutters are protective and/or decorative devices that are hung from a building to protect windows, doors, and other openings.

Skylights (150 suppliers)

Skylights are windows that are placed on the roof.  They are used to allow light to enter and in some cases allow air ventilation.

Window Operators (34 suppliers)

Window operators are mechanical devices that are used to open and close windows. Products range from manual crank window operators to electrically controlled window operators.

Window Treatments (131 suppliers)

Window treatments are interior products used around windows to provide privacy, insulation, shade from sunlight, and add a decorative, aesthetic look.

Windows (607 suppliers)

Windows are architectural mechanisms that transmit light and air into a building interior, and may also serve as a emergency escape method.


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