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   Biometric Sensor       Biometric devices are used for security and authentication purposes. They are used to authenticate and recognize fingerprints, the retina/iris, faces, hand geometries, or other physical identifiers. 
   Bluetooth       Wireless technology that allows communication between two devices using short-wavelength UHF radio waves. 
   Combination       A combination lock uses a sequence of symbols, usually numbers, to open the lock. Combination locks do not use keys. 
   Digital Key Pad       A digital keypad for entering a sequence of numbers or symbols. 
   Key       A key is a device that is used to operate a lock. A typical key is a small piece of metal that slides into a keyway. 
   RFID / Token       Radio-frequency identification (RFID ) use electromagnetic fields to identify and track passive transciever tags. Attached to objects, the tags contain electronically stored information.   
   Signal / Voltage       A voltage or signal is received that operates lock. 
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