Structural Erection and Ironworking Services Information

Structural erection and ironworking services provide installation of structural steel, including fastening and welding of structural elements including towers, buildings and bridges. There are many different types of structural erection services. Examples include structural steel erection, structural steel fabrication, metal building erection, and bridge erection. Structural steel erection work primarily involves erecting metal, structural steel, and similar products to produce structural elements, building exteriors, and elevator fronts. Structural steel fabrication prepares raw materials, welds parts, and bends them into the correct formations before final construction. Metal building erection is used in a wide array of applications that includes everything from warehouses to distribution centers, office complexes, airplane hangars, and car dealerships to production facilities and shopping centers. Bridge erection is the process of assembling the bridge pieces and putting them in place. Other structural erection services are commonly available.


There are several ways in which structural erection services function. Different methods are used for structural steel erection of the structural portion in metal buildings. Structural steel erection involves erecting small clear spans and endwall frames in units as well as the larger clear spans and modular frames in sections. The erection methods used depends on the type of building, the available equipment, the experience level of the crews, and the individual job conditions. The establishment of a specific set of erection rules and procedures is a result of these variations in the above mentioned factors. Bridge erection involves a set of specific methods that are used to erect bridges such as a temporary support method, cable and tower method, cantilever method, and large block method. Structure erection services perform specific tasks such as emergency stability services, damage repair, lighting installation, seismic retrofit, and installation.


Structural erection services are used in many applications. A structural erection service is used in the construction of steel structures such as refrigeration storage racks for shipping containers, windmill towers, turbines and blades, and specialized research and development structures for government and university laboratories, domes, and other pre-engineered structures. Metal building erection is also widely used in warehouses and distribution centers, office complexes, airplane hangars, and car dealerships, as well as production facilities and shopping centers. Bridge erection services assist in setting up bridges.