CMM, Gage, and Inspection Equipment Services Information


Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), gage and inspection equipment services provide calibration, repair, upgrade, rebuild, install, training, and replacement services. It includes




Coordinate Measuring

Coordinate measuring is performed by coordinate measuring machines to map the dimensions of a workpiece. CMM instruments are used to locate point coordinates on three-dimensional (3D) structures. CMMs can simultaneously integrate both dimensional and orthogonal relationships. They are comprised of four main components: the machine itself, the measuring probe, the control or computing system, and the measuring software. Specifications for CMMs include X-axis measuring length, Y-axis measuring length, Z-axis measuring length, resolution, and work piece weight. For more information on CMMs, visit the How to Select Coordinate Measuring Machines page on GlobalSpec.


Gage Calibration

Gage calibration determines the deviation from the true value supplied by a measuring instrument. Gage calibration software is also commonly used and enables the discovery of the complete history of the measurement devices, instruments, gages, calibration schedules, and alerts. A gage calibration procedure specifies step-by-step instructions for calibrating, measuring, and testing devices to measurement traceable standards.


Types of Equipment

CMM, gage and inspection equipment services use many different types of equipment.

  • Video inspection equipment is used to visually inspect inaccessible interiors.
  • Bridge inspection equipment is used to coordinate, operate, and perform specialized bridge inspection for highway maintenance.
  • X-ray inspection equipment and X-ray systems use penetrating X-rays or gamma radiation to capture images of the internal structure of a part or finished product.

Applications & Features

CMM, gage, and inspection equipment services are used in many applications. Examples include dimensional measurement, profile measurement, angularity or orientation, depth mapping, digitizing or imaging, and shaft measurement.  Features common to CMM, gage and inspection equipment services include crash protection, offline programming, reverse engineering, shop floor suitability, SPC software and temperature compensation.