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Bus plugs connect to a busbar or busway to provide a localized power distribution to electronic devices, while protecting and supplying power to industrial equipment.

Circuit protection for bus plugs may be in the form of a circuit breaker or a fuse. Fused or circuit breaker bus plugs may be used in conjunction with different types of bus ducts and other busyway components. 



There are three main types of bus plugs. Other types of bus plugs may also be available.


  • Disconnect switch bus plugs, or disconnects, rapidly interrupts and disconnects current flowing through an electrical device in event of an emergency.
  • Tap boxes are enclosure devices that connect power cable feeds to a busway system. Tap boxes are commonly available in two models: “plug-in tap boxes” and “end tap boxes.” Plug-in tap boxes connect to the bus way with a bus plug. End tap boxes are attached to either or both ends of a plug-in duct run.
  • Swing jacks 

SpecificationsHow to Select Bus Plugs


When selecting bus plugs, it is necessary to ensure the voltage rating and conductor configuration matches the plug. Bus plug voltage ratings commonly range from 120/40, 208-120, 240, 277/480, 480, and 600 in the United States. Ampere ratings may range from 15-to-600 amps. The most commonly used bus plug ampere ratings fall between 30-200 amps, with 30 and 60 being the most common bus plug size overall. 

Another important consideration for bus plugs is style selection. Style options for bus plugs include:


  • XL-X
  • BD
  • XJ-L
  • XL-U
  • FVK
  • LTG
  • DE
  • DH
  • I-LINE
  • SD

Plugs are typically secured to bus duct housing with screw-in clamps. Inserting bus plugs should be done after aligning the plug squarely with the duct. 




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