Equipment used to distribute power and protect other equipments and systems from current or voltage surges.
Electrical Distribution and Protection Categories

Battery Isolators (17 suppliers)

Battery Isolators divide DC current so that it only allows the current to flow in one direction for each battery. This enables charging of more than one battery from a one power source without connecting the batteries together.

Bus Plugs (24 suppliers)

Bus Plugs connect to a busbar or busways to distribute protect and supply power to industrial equipment.

Busbars and Busways (278 suppliers)

Busways and busbars (conductor bars)  provide current to distant or moving points along the path of an electrification system.

Circuit Breakers (951 suppliers)

Circuit breakers are mechanical switching devices capable of breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions.

Condition Monitors and Fault Detectors (94 suppliers)

Condition monitors and fault detectors find faults in mechanical, electrical, optical or other systems before a system failure condition occurs. An example of a fault in an electrical system is an arching circuit breaker. An example of a fault in a mechanical system is a failed roller bearing. Both mechanical and electrical faults produce characteristic sounds, which can be detected using air or structure borne acoustic detection techniques.

Electrical Insulators (197 suppliers)

Electrical insulators, high voltage bushings and porcelain insulator assemblies provide electrical isolation of power line conductors in transmission and distribution (T & D), substation, transformer, capacitor and power protection applications.

Electrical Terminations (599 suppliers)

Electrical terminations or terminators are electrical devices installed at the end of a bus or transmission line to prevent signals from reflecting back from the end, thus causing electrical interference.

Fuse Holders (484 suppliers)

Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses. Blown fuses can be changed quickly and easily when used in conjunction with a fuse holder.

Fuses (941 suppliers)

Fuses protect electrical devices and components from overcurrents and short circuits that occur in improperly operating circuits.

Ground Enhancement Materials (GEM) (14 suppliers)

Ground enhancement materials (GEM) are conductive backfill materials used to increase the conductivity of the soil around grounding rods, bars or plates.

Ground Fault Relays (31 suppliers)

Ground fault relays protect electrical equipment from ground faults. A ground fault is an unintentional current path between a current-carrying conductor and a grounded surface.

Grounding Bars and Rods (88 suppliers)

Grounding bars and grounding rods are electrical connections that divert undesirable current in order to protect humans and equipment.

Grounding Grids (10 suppliers)

Grounding grids and mats consist of conductive mesh or sheets that act as a multi-potential ground. They are used near pipelines, substations, transformers, large motors, or high voltage power lines to reduce mains hum, provide AC mitigation, and reduce step and touch potentials.

Grounding Indicators (18 suppliers)

Grounding indicators are used to monitor and verify the presence of grounding systems.

Grounding Straps (98 suppliers)

Grounding straps are anti-static devices that are used to protect people and electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges (ESD) by routing the electric current to a safe ground.

Lightning Protection Systems (147 suppliers)

Lightning protection systems prevent property damage, equipment damage, and bodily injury from electrical surges and lightning strikes.

Load Centers (48 suppliers)

Load centers are used for the protection and distribution of power in a building or residence. They are also called circuit breaker boxes.

Motor Control Center (MCC) Buckets (14 suppliers)

Motor control center (MCC) buckets are motor control modules intended for a motor control center. They typically contain a circuit breaker and a motor starter/contactor, and may contain a transformer.

Motor Control Centers (MCC) (25 suppliers)

Motor Control Centers (MCC) are a modular assembly which motor control units called buckets are installed, each bucket is intended to control a motor. It acts as a central switchgear panel for the control of multiple motors in an industrial facility.

Panelboards and Switchgear (610 suppliers)

Panelboards and switchgear are electrical distribution devices that convert incoming electrical power into several smaller circuits and provide overload protection in the form of fuses or circuit breakers.

Partial Discharge Monitors (16 suppliers)

Partial discharge monitors are used to monitor partial discharge activities in high voltage equipment.

Resettable PTCs (18 suppliers)

Resettable (polymeric or positive temperature coefficient -  PTC) fuses are unlike traditional fuses that have to be replaced after a fault condition, this may not be necessary when using resettable fuses. The internal resistance of the component increases in response to an overcurrent or a short-circuit condition, limiting subsequent disturbances. After the fault condition is removed, the device cools and the internal resistance drops to nearly its initial value, permitting normal equipment operation to resume.

Solar Junction Boxes (13 suppliers)

Thermal Cutoffs and Thermal Fuses (80 suppliers)

Thermal cutoffs and thermal protectors are nonresetting, thermally sensitive devices designed to protect domestic electrical appliances and industrial equipment from fire. They are sometimes described as thermal one-shot fuses.

Transfer Switches (197 suppliers)

Transfer switches transfer electrical power back and forth between two power systems or buses such as a utility power line and a backup motor-generator power supply.

Utility Meters (122 suppliers)

Utility meters are used to monitor the consumption of water, gas or electricity by businesses or residences.


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Category: Battery Isolators
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