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Audio visual services or AV services design, integrate, and install multimedia equipment for corporate, production, and broadcasting applications. They specialize in compact disc (CD), digital video disc (DVD), and video tape or video cassette equipment; overhead, slide and movie projectors; projections screens and multi-media carts; and microphones, amplifiers, sound systems, and speakers. Audio visual services are staffed with broadcast engineers, sound and video technicians, and management personnel. Some companies provide video conferencing, video editing, or audio recording services. Others install and operate multimedia equipment for special events such as trade shows and conferences. Streaming media, on-line access, and digital signage are also available.

Equipment such as duplicators, printers, recorders and players enables audio visual services to process CDs and DVDs. CD-ROM (CD-read only memory) is a popular 4.75-in., laser-encoded, optical memory storage medium. Technologies include CD-ROM XA (extended architecture), CD-RW (rewritable), and CD-WO (write once). DVD-ROM is a newer optical disk storage technology supported by major electronic companies, hardware suppliers, and broadcast studios. Application formats include DVD-Video, DVD-VR (video recording), DVD+VR (read-write video recording), DVD-AR (audio recording), DVD-SR (stream recording), DVD-A (audio), and SACD (super audio CD).

Audio visual services project images with plasma displays, flat panel displays (FPD), liquid crystal displays (LCD), and electroluminescent displays. There are four basic technologies for flat panel displays: color super-twist nematic (CSTN), double layer super-twist nematic (DSTN), high performance addressing (HPA), and thin film transistor (TFT). Video standards include video graphics array (VGA), extended graphics array (XGA), super video graphics array (SVGA), super extended graphics array (SXGA) and ultra extended graphics array (UXGA).

Media and presentation software allows audio visual services to create multimedia presentations for a variety of broadcast, advertising, and marketing applications. Media software can be used for audio and video editing, music mixing and production, CD or DVD production, special effects for audio or video, noise reduction, and motion graphics. Sophisticated media software packages provide three-dimensional graphic design and animation for film and television projects. Web-based presentation software enables participants to give a presentation on their network or computer and share it via the Internet with participants in other places. These programs also enable audio visual services to share control of the presentation.

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