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Electrical utility services are involved in the design, site location, construction, service, repair, and inspection of electrical utility facilities, substations, and transmission and distribution lines. There are several types of electrical utility services. Examples include rural utility service, underground utility locating service, electrical services, electrical contractor services and public electric utility service. Rural utility service provides reliable and affordable electricity for the well being of the rural residents. Underground utility locating service uses electromagnetic technology to locate underground facilities. An underground utility locating service has many different types of locators that have different frequencies and capability depending upon the type and location of the utility. Utility locating service points to underground utilities so that people digging in that area don’t damage them. Electrical services are capable of providing uninterrupted electrical and the low voltage services along with network, communications, and security solution to offices and homes by using an utility service body. Electrical contractor services perform all types of services from repairing an electrical outlet to replacing complete electrical services. A public electric utility service is provided by an organization which is subjected to government regulations to provide essential services such as electricity, water, and communication services to people. Electrical utility services comply with electrical and utilities safety rules to ensure safety of employees, customers, and the public.

There are several ways in which electrical utility services function. A rural utility service provides electricity to rural areas which use high voltages such as 7200volts, 11kV, or 33KV due to the longer distances covered by those distribution lines. An underground utility locating service is quick and accurate in locating a utility and it also costs less. Utility locating service enables a 15 % to 20% increase in productivity of locators and also cuts down the cost charges for providing utility services to long distance by about 22%. Electrical services help in designing, installation, testing, long term service, and maintenance for many projects. Electrical contractor services are provided for cabling, intercom systems, and generator panels. A public electric utility service is a process to deliver the electricity from a substation to a user through power lines with voltages less than 50KV. Electrical utility services are available to meet most industry specifications.

Electrical utility services are used in many applications. Some examples include providing utilities such as electric power transmission, waste disposal, natural gas distribution and telephone lines to commercial, residential, and industrial clients. Electrical utility services should adhere to knowledge provided by the Electrical and Utilities Safety Association.

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