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  • Data Security in Networks
    Power Line Communication (PLC) is a technology for the transmission of signals and data over the. existing low-voltage networks, The signals are fed with a high-frequency carrier together with the. mains power. The applications range from intercoms and simple controls through in-house networks
  • Power Save TM Reducing Energy Consumption in Alpha Cordex Power Plants
    in their networks. Some of the programs under consideration include replacing Ferroresonant rectifiers with high efficiency switchmode rectifiers, assigning hot and cold equipment aisles to improve thermal management, and utilizing switching, transmission and data equipment that consumes less power. Each
  • Dewar-to-Dewar Data Transfer at 2 Gigabits per Second
    connected. by moie than 3 meters of 50-O transmission line. No. semiconductor amplifiers were used in this data path. A. Hewlett Packard data source proided the original data to the. first chip, which converted it to SFQ data. Output interface. circuits were diiven by a 2-GHz external clock to latch
  • A World Without Wires?
    vendors, even if they operate on the same frequency, do not always work together. Add to this the fact that wireless equipment is slow to transmit data in comparison to wired, and that radio transmission is subject to interference and interrupted transmission, you begin to understand manufacturers
  • Smart Computing Article - frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) to FTP
    range in the electromagnetic spectrum, to transmit data. The drawback is that IR systems must be either line-of-sight or diffused because IR light cannot go through dense objects. A third technology employed in many wireless LANs is spread spectrum, a wideband (multiple-frequency) transmission system
  • Ethernet Slip Ring with 38.1 mm Inner Bore
    are professional on shielding technology, anti-interference for line to line.According to different requirements of customers for electrical, signal, data, gas and liquid rotary connection, as well as different power parameter requirements, we provide the best solution to save your time and cost.The inner
  • Using ASM and a Hardware Module to Interface 8051 MCUs with I2C(TM) Serial EEPROMs
    a bidirectional, 2-wire bus and data as tested, as well as the required pull-up resistors on transmission protocol. The bus is controlled by the the clock line (SCL) and data line (SDA). Not illustrated microcontroller (master), which generates the Serial in this application note are the write-protect feature
  • Using a Timer and I/O Pins to Interface 8051 MCUs with I2C Serial EEPROMs
    transmission protocol. The bus is controlled by the as tested, as well as the required pull-up resistors on microcontroller (master), which generates the Serial the clock line (SCL) and data line (SDA). Not illustrated Clock (SCL), controls the bus access and generates in this application note

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