Electrohydraulic Cylinders Information

Electrohydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that use pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. A hydraulic pump is an integral part of the cylinder design. Electrohydraulic cylinders use a combination of fluid power components, valves, and electronic controls such as a transducer to provide rod position feedback and to ensure efficient machine operations.

Electrohydraulic cylinders are comprised of linear actuators that are used to control valves in a variety of pumps, compressors, and in steam turbines that are used in hydropower generation. An electrohydraulic actuator is combined with a pilot valve, power cylinder, and electronic feedback component and is designed to operate in mechanically-driven or generator-driven steam turbines. An electro hydraulic actuator may be used for linear or rotary applications. Advances in transducers and the logic used to program them makes electrohydraulic systems highly accurate, efficient, and precise because of the feedback control system built in to the electrohydraulic cylinder. Electrohydraulic actuators are controlled by a variety of components, such as linear transducers for sensing rod position; hydraulic amplifiers to amplify the motion of a stepper motor; and rotary encoders which translate piston motion in to ball screw rotation. This flexibility enables electrohydraulic cylinders to be used as custom cylinders on machine tools and for precision motion control applications.

Electrohydraulic cylinders are also used as components for an electrohydraulic control system, for speed, pressure and flow applications. Electrohydraulic control systems are used in steel and rolling mills, shipbuilding and offshore drilling applications, materials handling, wood products processing, and many general mechanical engineering applications. Electrohydraulic cylinders are also designed for use in brake systems where the electronic feedback control can replace the traditional mechanical linkage system.

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